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Oct 22, 2013 06:56 AM

Greek American Grub

Is there anywhere in LA that serves up some Greek American fare like you'd find in Detroit or Chicago?

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    1. re: Servorg

      Papa Cristo's is as good as you're gonna get for gyros in this only complaint is that they don't do gyros on the rotating vertical spit (they grill), so it's a *little* greasier than you'd find in Detroit or Chicago. That having been said, they're the best you'll find.

      And their other fare's pretty awesome,'s just that I miss my midwestern gyros sandwiches. (From the late lamented Parthenon Restaurant in Ann Arbor, if you must know. The staff were growly John Belushi-style Greeks, but you never cared when you were noshing on what they served you.)

      1. re: annagranfors

        I was under the impression that Belushi was really doing his impression of Albanians, not Greeks.

          1. has what I'd consider Greek American fare. Is there any regional differences between Greek American in general and the ones found in Detroit or Chicago?

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            1. re: PeterCC

              on a related note, Motown has something called coney island style which is a greek tinge to chili which covers everything...loads of "coney island" spots where you get your gyros, etc and chili dogs, chili plates etc. i know the instinct is it's coney island and hot dogs so how can it be greek....but they are...too bad the coney island spot on sunset is now a "Gaby's Mediterranean grill"

            2. Does it have to be in Los Angeles, or would surrounding cities be okay? Hailing from a family full of Greeks, we have lots of friends in the Long Beach area.

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              1. re: FoodWacky

                I have been told that the best greek in "the area" is in South OC but I cannot remember where...

              2. Tony's Taverna in Malibu has the best Greek food in LA in my humble (Greek) opinion. Its not great, but its the best around and has a cool atmosphere (live music thursday through sunday) .

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                1. re: carln

                  was at a party at TT this weekend and I agree generally nice food. The spanakopita, meatballs and roast lamb were on point. full bar. attentive and friendly service for our huge group. I gotta disagree with the music tho, at least what I heard, felt like I was trapped in a spaghetti sauce commercial for 2 hours...

                  on a related note, if you want to do some drinking in Malibu with the locals and get big drinks for cheap hit up spruzzos at zuma...the dume room bartender and customers cheerfully were getting hammered midafternoon watching a car show on tv...