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Oct 21, 2013 09:06 PM

World Series (Wednesday Night) in West LA With 7-year-old

Can anyone think of a good place for food and drinks and a television with the World Series for me and my son?

I suspect most sports bars won't exactly be keen on having a minor around, but perhaps there are "kid-friendly" areas?

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  1. I've seen a lot of Little League baseball teams and youth soccer teams with parents and coaches eating at the San Francisco Saloon (good burgers and fries and I like their buffalo wings too) over the years. I'd say most of them congregate at the west end near the kitchen at the various tables and booths.

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      SF Saloon might be feasible if it's not too crowded. (I do have a soft spot for the turkey burgers there...) Some other possibilities for father and 7-year-old - on the Westside - to catch the game and get a beer/bite? (I expect to be slammed, but I'm only putting these out there from similar situational experience.) 1) El Cholo (bar area). 2) Izzy's deli. (Yes, Izzy's. You and son can sit at the counter with the game on [sound off] above you, watch the game, and have a meal that the 7 year old might actually enjoy. And they serve beer.) Barring that, you're looking to join the teeming throngs at SF Saloon, Maccleans, Busby's, Big Dean's, Barney's Beanery, etc.....

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        S. Beverly Grill/Honor Bar shows games...a bit pricey but "houstons" food is decent....great beer selection for dad. brownie sundae for lad.

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          (Food definitely better than my half-serious suggestions above....)

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        Now I want to go to the San Francisco Saloon to watch the Series!

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          +1 on SF Saloon. If you can score a table and chairs I think it's a fine place for watching games with kids. I've always liked the vibe there... Casual, friendly, great burgers and fries.

        2. Try Sonny McLean's ( on Wilshire in Santa Monica. But only if you're a Sox fan ; )

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            I'd skip macleans with a 7 year old. Especially because the sox are playing. That place has been overrun for years by braying fans for ANY boston sports event......and it's a World Series. Better off trying to locate a chili's or Fridays where the emphasis slightly less froth-at-the-mouth for a sporting event. Just sayin.....

            1. re: cagey

              You sound like a boston sports hater...maybe banjoy boy and little banjo boy are sox fans?

              1. re: jessejames

                Er, nice try - bit of a reach there, Jesse. OP didn't say anything about being pro sox. Just trying to give him the straight dope on the place. From many years' experience.

                1. re: cagey

                  "Braying?" "Froth-at-the-mouth?"

                  I'm not trying anything -- that was my reaction to your comments.

                  1. re: jessejames

                    Have you been there during a Sox, Pats, or Bruins game? With a 7 year old? Doubtful. That was my point. BTW, for the record I'm pulling for the sox in this series.

                    1. re: cagey

                      Yes - and I agree it is as inappropriate as any other sportsbar, with and emphasis on bar for a kid...go sox

                      1. re: jessejames

                        Not to mention that Sonny's will be an absolute zoo. Good luck finding standing room yet alone a seat in there given the Sox are in the world series. Wouldn't recommend for anyone kid or no kid, unless you are committed to getting there early or like elbow room crowds.

                        Personally I like that ambiance, really makes the game more enjoyable but definitely not with a kid.

                  2. re: cagey

                    And for that kernel of info we are forever grateful.

                    I may have to skip sonny's in the near future in that case myself.

            2. Maybe Smithhouse? I haven't been there much, but every time I go, it's not very crowded. They do have lots of TVs. I've brought my 2 yo daughter there during the day and it's pretty kid-friendly. The food isn't great, though.

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                Smithhouse might be a good choice; however, the food has constantly undergone fluctuations on a day to day basis. The joint seems like they are going through chefs like none other.

              2. So avoid bars - try Islands on Pico. Plenty of big screens on and is not a "bar".

                1. How about Barney's Beanery in Westwood Village. Tons of tv's and it is pretty kid friendly.