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Oct 21, 2013 07:36 PM

The Hollow - Georgetown

Hey all - I live south of the river but have dear friends who live in Georgetown. The Hollow opened there in late June and I had the opportunity to take a cooking class there. The class was food and wine pairing, some hands on activity in the kitchen and overall a wonderful time with a really knowledgeable crew.
Meal was: Salmon Crudo with kaffir lime leaves, preserved lemon dill crema and smoked fleur de sel paired with a California Mouverdre Rose, Manchego with fig paste paired with a sharp acidic German Riesling, Beef bourguignon marinated in a Cotes du Rhone, served with a Gigondas. Finish was profiteroles stuffed with a pumpkin mousse served with a terrific Cava. The class was great, staff and food amazing. For those of you way north, I recommend looking into dining here. Great stuff.

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  1. Have not heard of this place yet Cpencis, thanks very much. Sounds fantastic and from a little digging it's getting rave reviews. "Scallops and vanilla" and "Waterzooi a la Thierry Moity". Sounds ridiculously fun. I mean curried capers as an ingredient? I will be there by sunday.

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        Actually not yet as we had hoped. I'm surprised none of us have actually - sounds brilliant. Just may have to make that a Saturday night this week.

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          I was curious, so I yahoo'ed up "scallops and vanilla." There's a number of recipes. I'm going to have to try seems to make people nuts crazy! May have to make it at home, because I no longer like going anywhere near the Williamson County Jail.

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            HAH !! Yeah I hear they're real sticklers up there in Williamson! I had a german buddy back in DC that would make a lobster and vanilla sauce dish - it was his go to for company. he'd cook the critters and serve them split with the sauce ladled all over. when I hit the hollow I will be trying the 2 vanilla and scallop dish first (well, maybe it's three, who's counting).