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Oct 21, 2013 06:33 PM

I ate old brie :(

Been having a busy few weeks and came home to make a cheese plate (because it's all I've had time for). Realized after taking a bite of the brie that it was NOT good.

Looked back at my last few weeks and realized I OPENED it 3 weeks ago today.

I didn't realize that brie had such a short shelf life (though I guess it makes sense). So....lesson learned.

But has anyone done this? Will I get super sick? I didn't eat the rind or any visible mold, did not taste or smell great.

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  1. I eat plenty of things past their expiration date, still here to tell about it. It's hard to tell whether you'll get sick or not. You took a bite? I think that's a pretty small risk whatever it might be. Not much you can do now, but I feel as if you will be alright.

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      Here's hoping! Next time I'm not buying so big a chunk :)

    2. I'm assuming it tasted and smelled of ammonia...that's typically what Brie smells/tastes like when it starts to get a little funky.

      It's unpleasant, but probably won't hurt you -- if you're in the US, it probably was made with pasteurized milk, so likely even smaller risk.

      If you're ever in the Brie region, however, do make sure you taste Brie Noir -- the very aged and dried version of Brie. Very distinctive (although a love-it-or-hate-it thing) and very hard to find outside of the region.

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        That's what it tasted like alright. Thanks for the tips!

        1. I'm sorry, but your sad face after your intro :( made me laugh out loud.

          One bite should be no problem!

          If you are really worried, drink plenty of fluid and eat some yogurt for the good probiotics.
          If it is realllllly bad, the body has a way of getting rid of poisons out one end or the other.

          foodcompletesme, (registered nurse)

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            Haha. I like to have a sense of humor even in the face of death :)

          2. Ohhhh. I read this thread some eleven hours after the OP. So, all should be resolved now. Cranky should either still be fine or spending some time at the local hospital A & E.

            Brie is often sold very, very under ripe. Unless it's been sold by someone who knows that it's at its best when quite soft and runny.