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Oct 21, 2013 06:27 PM

Best dishes in Calgary?

Hey guys!

Just wondering if you have any absolutely favorite, top-of-the-list memorable plates from restaurants in Calgary. Where would you go (and what would you order) for that special occasion where you really want to treat yourself?

If you left the city for years and came back for a visit, which meal would be a *must stop* for you? Even if the restaurant isn't your favorite, some dishes just shine :)

Some that come to mind (I'm sure there'll be more) are:

- Lobster tempura @ Alloy
- Hot Chili Boneles Chicken @ Szechuan
- Peanut Butter Cupcakes @ Bliss
- Tomato soup @ L'Epicerie
- The Praline (or the one with the crunchy caramelesque wafer base) @ Manuel Latruwe
- Bacon Caesar @ District

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  1. Lemon meringue tarts @ eclair de lune
    Scallops with asparagus and Lemon pepper coconut chicken @ Spoonful
    Naan and butter chicken @ Clay Oven
    Grilled pork with steamed rice wraps @ Heart of Saigon

    1. I've been away for almost 4 years now and think frequently of:

      Bison carpaccio @ WineBar (Kensignton)
      Pho @ Pho Pasteur Saigon
      BBQ Pork Lo Mein @ Gee Gong
      Duo of lamb @ Muse from their menu 5 years ago
      Seafood appetizer platter @ Centini
      Tempura Green beans with whiskey mustard sauce @ Divino

      1. I can't think of any particular restaurant dishes but If I moved away from Calgary, I would miss these little treats:

        Pumpkin spice or chocolate cupcakes from Crave

        Fiasco Gelato or Sorbetto.. almost any flavour

        Scones from Sidewalk Citizen (sweet only, bonus if they contain chocolate) (as well as their salads at their Sunnyside deli)

        Peanut dressing from Community Natural Foods (on their baked yam wedges... so good)

        Cosmic Power cookies from Planet Organic (even though I have the recipe at home, it doesn't taste the same)

        Danish Øllebrød (hot cereal made from rye bread, brown sugar & beer), topped with lingonberry preserves at the Danish Canadian Club (it's an obscure one, I know).

        Broxburn tomatoes and Noble Meadows goat cheese. Together or separately. I love them.

        1. Chili Goma Ramen from Shikiji.

          The chicken at Olive Chicken

          Seafood Thick Rice Noodle Soup at Noodle World (or pretty much any Pho without the weird bits)

          1. Salted Caramel from Village Ice Cream...

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