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Oct 21, 2013 05:55 PM

DD Apple Fritters - What Happened???

Numerous threads have readers/posters waxing nostalgic about certain donuts no longer available in their part of the country. I had difficulty finding an existing thread where my question would be appropriate and here is a new one. I remember DD's apple fritters as being big, dark brown, VERY crunchy and filled with the semi-sweet, cinamon-tinged dough with the appropriate amount of apple-flavored filling. Now, an apple fritter is nothing more than an apple doughnut. What did DD do??? I miss the old ones! Puh-lease!!!!

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  1. We have a convenience store - Wawa - that has those old apple fritters exactly EXCEPT no filling. But they are good enough that I don't miss the filling. The DD ones have been missing for a long time.