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Oct 21, 2013 05:37 PM

Italian lunch on Sunday near Princeton?

Visitors coming to Princeton from N. Jersey on Sunday would like to go out for an Italian lunch. Problem is some of our favorites are closed, and Teresa's is serving brunch until 3pm. Any suggestions? We could travel north of Princeton to eat (since it would be closer for them to drive home from), but don't want to go south.

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  1. some Sunday options:

    Mediterra if you want to stay in town. Not our fav but others like. Open for lunch.

    La Mezzaluna also in town. Haven't been in a long time but is always busy.

    Camillo's Café in the Princeton Shopping center. Also not our fav but convenient parking, has seating outside if the weather's good, etc.

    Antimo's Italian Kitchen - hidden in a small shopping center on 518 in nearby Hopewell. Excellent fresh pasta made in house and much more.

    further north on 206 -

    Café Graziella in Hillsborough. Haven't dined here in a very long time. Open for lunch.

    Our pick would be Antimo's in Hopewell, if not too far out of the way.

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      Thanks, Foody! I hadn't even thought of Mezzaluna or Camillo's. I haven't ever tried either despite being a long-time Princeton resident. I had thought of Café Graziella, but I also haven't eaten there in a long time, and I remember eating in an empty dining room the last time I was there. I have a friend who LOVES Camillo's, so I might give that a try.

      1. re: beastca

        Camillo's appears not to be open for lunch on Sundays. So we'll get to try Antimo's after all. We're actually meeting up in Montgomery, so it will be an easy drive on 518. I'm looking forward to it-thanks again!

        1. re: beastca

          Enjoy Antimo's and be sure to try their pasta. Chef Nino is usually at the front pasta prep area hand making tortellini, ravioli and more. Also, their Brooklyn pizza is a favorite of ours.

          You may want to take your guests across the street to the Brick Farm Market after lunch for a coffee (special blend from Small World), ice cream and more. Note they're open until 3 on Sunday.

          We're also long time locals and have only dined at Camillo's a couple of times. Just OK.