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Oct 21, 2013 05:11 PM

Help me out again: we are treating a Canadian friend to dinner tomorrow night

Bellagio was quite good, and reasonable for quality of food, but can you suggest a different restaurant, moderate pricing, for the adventurous?
Friend might have a car, so we wouldn't have to take a cab, but don't want\to go too far in any case. French, or Quebecois preferably.

Hotel Hilton Garden Inn breakfast was fine, but coffee shop atmosphere and limited choices not what I had in mind for dinner with a friend.

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  1. In which area of Montréal? Whether friend has car or not, anything in the central neighbourhoods is easily accessible via public transport.

    Any more about your friend's likes and preferences?

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      Downtown area, 380 Sherbrooke Oest. Trouble is, I can't use metro, we don;t know bus routes at all. Central area recs would be great.

      |Friend enjoys eating everything, not at all picky. adventurous like me. \friend is from Ottowa area, not \montreal.

    2. Brasserie T isn't far from your hotel - just a few blocks south, next to Place des Arts. Food is bistro, quite good. You do need to reserve, but a Tuesday night this time of year should be easy.

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        Ah, perfect, Cheryl. I had noticed Brasserie T, and wanted to try\it. A few blocks south ought to be managable, by cab, car, or maybe walking there and cabbing back. I'll try for that rez. But, one more question: would it be quiet? We would go early, so that would help, but a high noise level would be a problem for us.

      2. Brasserie T IS very close, 'bout 4-5 blocks.

        Slightly further afield (12 blocks or so) you'd find Dominion Square Tavern, a pretty cool spot
        "Offering bistro-style dishes with an accessible French Canadian palate, the Tavern’s cuisine is also notably infused with a British sensibility"

        A bit further (maybe 18 blocks) is L'Express. French bistro popular with visitors - 1970s era telephone ringing at zinc bar, potted palms, checker floor, garçons trolling the dining room.

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        1. re: porker

          I like the Dominion for a pit stop/quick drink after downtown shopping or before/after a movie, but the last time I ate there (good couple of years now) I found the food just a small step up from conventional pub grub, and rather overpriced for the privilege.

          So... have you eaten there lately?

        2. If it's for the adventurous, I would recommend Au Cinquieme Peche on St. Denis. You would need a car from downtown, or make time for a 30 minute walk. Might be more expensive than you were thinking though.

          1. Apparently my post from last night didn't work (something is wrong with my phone..), but I do hope that you made it to T! or possibly just up the street to Pullman. While the latter is a wine bar, it isn't a bar in the traditional sense: you can reserve, be seated at a table, and order a full meal of small-plate dishes. The best option with a few blocks of your hotel.

            Bashful, I really hope that you've had some chance to escape the immediate vicinity of your hotel. That area is not at all representative of "Montreal", and really differs little from most other downtown cores of other major cities. This post is probably too late, but if your friend has a car then you can reach most decent places within 10-15 minutes. Some quieter and accessible places on the plateau include Cocagne on St. Denis, Chronique for upscale modern French/Quebecois, and Cinquieme Peche. In old Montreal, which you should try to visit if not already, you might consider 400 Coups at the upper end of the price range and maybe Osteria Venti at the lower end? The latter might be a tad noisy on occasion (??) - I've not been recently.