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Oct 21, 2013 05:07 PM

Interim Report from Philly Chowhound:Bellagio

Catty corner across the street from La Baie. Not mentioned to me on board,
but it was closest to Hilton Garden Inn for a short walk, no bus or taxi needed.
Arrived earlyish, 5:30pm, nice view of intersection; very gracious service, good choices on Table D'Hote menu. I enjoyed snails, mushrooms in braciola sauce; grilled veal chop was extraordinary. Huge, tender, tasty, even\
without gravy or much seasoning. Al dente grilled vegetables, tasty scalloped potatos. Meal started with chopped tomatoes on toast, olives, another surprise\comp with dessert of fresh fruit. All for $36 Canadian, with a light raspberry layer cake for dessert. Hubby relished his cream of asparagus soup, melone with excellent proscuitto, veal limone, same veggies. He was\too full for dessert, but was blissed out by his expresso.

Very quiet, even when resto filled up. That was appreciated. Only odd thing: most handicap unfriendly in terms of access, but staff member was most gracious helping us enter via a long ramp we could not have found otherwise.
Montreal way behind on access for those with disabilities, and the sidewalks
are quite pitted and irregular in spots.

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  1. You mean "kitty corner"? Sorry about our streets and access. Perhaps one can hope with the new council election in two weeks things could improve?

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    1. Ah, it appears kitty corner vs Katty corner is an Americanizm vs
      Canadaism in reverse. Definitly pronounded Katty corner.

      I didn't mean to sound critical of streets; ours are no better in
      Philly. It's just that when you walk with a walker or a cane, the\evenness of streets is much to be desired. But in a new\place one notices sooner.

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      1. re: Bashful3

        We are a smaller country population wise so maybe that is why we use kitty versus katty.

        1. re: williej

          Or is it that we're a younger nation (kitty vs catty)?
          Or maybe we simply don't want to be so catty?

          Either way, it sounds more familiar than "obliquely opposite" The Bay. Or perhaps "in a hypotenusal direction" from The Bay.

          1. re: porker

            Dictionary says 'kitty' is a corruption of the original "cater" corner. Ironically, the orginal 'cater' came from the French 'quatre' and had nothing to do with cats or kittens!

            ---The "cater" is an Anglicization of the French "quatre," or "four," and "catercornered" originally just meant "four-cornered." To specify that something is "catercorner across" from something else is to stress the diagonal axis of an imaginary box, as opposed to saying "directly across" or just "across."----

            Learn a new thing everyday!

            1. re: williej

              ...and if we lived in a chocolate world it'd likely be KitKat corner...