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Oct 21, 2013 04:41 PM

Large Format Meals?

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to put together a large-format/family-style meal for a group of friends (about 6-10 people total) in the next month or so and was hoping to call upon Chowhound's collective wisdom for advice. Currently, I'm thinking of trying Mercat a la Planxa's half suckling pig; has anyone had that recently, and if so, would you recommend it? Are there other places people would suggest instead? I know Frontier will do things like wild boar and what have you, but most of the choices there seem like they're for substantially larger crowds. Thanks in advance!

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  1. 6-10 ppl just depends on what you want. Is there any particular style of food you'd like? Any restaurant should be happy to hook you up if you tell them in advance what you would like, or if you plan out a menu with them. I do this frequently and I prefer ethnic dives with insanely good food that need the business that my friends might not know about, but that's just me. Off the radar Mexican and Thai places are my joints of choice, normally.

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      Good points from gordeaux. If you do want to stick with the platter of meat, I really had fun with the pig's head at Yusho, available (and reservable) on Friday and Saturday nights. It is served with a variety of house-made pickled veggies and, IIRC correctly, steamed buns. For your party size, there would be plenty of meat to pick, and you'd want to order additional dishes.

      Sun Wah BBQ would be another good option. Order two or three ducks in advance, then supplement with other roasted meats, sides, and specials.

      Mercat's suckling pig and Frontier have been on my to-do list, so if you choose those, I'll look forward to your reviews.

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        Thanks Gordeaux and GourtmentWednesday for the suggestions! Generally, I'd lean towards Chinese, Thai, or Mexican, though I think "insanely good food" is probably a best first principle. Sun Wah and Yusho both seem like very good choices. And if I wind up at Mercat or Frontier, I'll write up a review.

    2. Mott Street, the new 'Asian night market' concept from the team behind Ruxbin also has a large format dinner:
      fish head roasted with black bean sauce, steamed brown rice and kitchen’s choice of accoutrements (reservation only: feeds 6 people)

      If you're expecting a crowd towards the upper end of your spectrum (ie. 10), I'd suggest calling and seeing how well they could accommodate you.

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        That sounds amazing. I have to grab a couple of adventurous foodie couples and go try it.

        If fish head is too much for your group, hot pot at Lao Sze Chuan is really good and a lot of fun.