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Oct 21, 2013 04:36 PM

Organic, delicious and Paleo-friendly

I'm from the SF Bay Area and meeting NY friends in Seattle next week.
One the group is very ill, and on a strict diet of organic meat and veg, no grains except quinoa. I imagine this shouldn't be too difficult in Seattle. I will eat anything as long as it is fresh and yummy and food-ish (we in the Bay Area are decided food snobs!). We are staying in Queen Anne area and would prefer something in the neighborhood.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Seattle restaurants are good for paleo in general (veggies are not an afterthought), but I'm not sure where in QA you'd be guarantee organic. Possibly Lloyd Martin, Boat Street Cafe. Further afield, Agrodolce in Fremont, Sitka & Spruce in Cap Hill, Portage Bay in South Lake Union (for brunch/lunch).

    1. Homegrown on Queen Anne is organic. There is also one in Fremont. They have sandwiches and stuff.

      1. Turns out one of my NY friends whom I was meeting there is just too sick to travel. Thanks to the folks who tried to help us out!