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Oct 21, 2013 04:27 PM

Montreal weekend - thoughts?

Hello Montreal Hounds!

Have read the Montreal board and have selected the following (one of the diners on this trip does not eat red meat):

brunch/lunch: Lawrence, La arepera du plateau OR Ma poule mouillee

dinners: Damas, Au Cinquieme Peche

Snacks: Cafe Myriade/Cafe Neve (Saint Donuts), Juliette et Chocolat

To bring back: Fairmount bagels

Are there any good ice-cream or gelato places near any of these places? Or near the Sofitel on Sherbrooke?



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  1. i would have said kem coba which is next door to fairmount bagels but they are close for the season so i'd say les givres (roy and st.denis) near poule mouillee

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    1. re: twinkie83

      Thanks! I had read about kem coba and was disappointed to see that they were seasonal and November is obviously the wrong season for ice cream!

    2. If'n you're going to Fairmont Bagels, stop in Wilensky's Light Lunch and pick up a Wilensky Special...even if you're not hungry.

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      1. re: porker

        Is there any appeal beyond the historical re-creation factor?

          1. re: TeacherFoodie

            I can understand lagatta's lament; the Wilensky special is basically a griddled bologna/salami sandwich on egg bread. Pure simplicity.
            However, its a place which hasn't changed since forever (its not re-created, its just the way it always was).

            You'll be driving in no-man's land somewhere between Belleville and Oshawa and someone'll pull out the bag of Montreal bagels, still fresh. A Wilensky Special will fall out of the bag and everyone will take turns taking a bite (its quite flat). At first the consensus will be that the Wilensky Special is anything but.

            However, another 80km later, someone'll be thinking of the 1930s wooden barstools, unique counter, and homemade soft drinks which kinda suck, notes of another era, and the Special will begin to haunt.
            20km later someone'll go rooting in the bagel bag, but alas there won't be any Specials left.

            Days will pass and you'll be thinking your group was part of Canadian history, you'll wanna find a DVD of The Apprentice Of Duddy Kravitz, and you'll lament that the Wilensky Special is not to be had just around the corner....

            1. re: porker

              Yes, I like the place for its social and cultural history factor. I deliberately use those terms, and not "nostalgia", as it is a remarkable preserved bubble from the working-class Ashkenazi Jewish neighbourhood that was the Main and Mile End of decades ago - there are also some great collage plaques farther down on the Main about this and other elements of the area's history. I've been there with a friend who does "Jewish Digest" on Radio Centre-Ville, on a Jane's Walk historical tour (there are always food-themed events among the tours).

              But I find the sandwich unremarkable, other than the Seinfeld-worthy "rules" governing its facture. Much prefer the local bagels and lox!

        1. Cannot strongly enough recommend Patisserie Kouign Amann (in Mont Royal - worth the trip) - the croissants and Breton cake are AMAZING.

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          1. re: DoriPM

            If I happen to be in the area I will check it out. Thanks!

            1. re: DoriPM

              Yes, and not too far from some of the other recommendations like Ma Poule Mouillée and Les Givrés .. it's on Mont-Royal avenue, btw, not in the town of Mont Royal. Despite the poignant poetry of porker's lovely post, I'd probably go there over Wilensky's or Juliet et Chocolat. Might as well bring back St-Viateur bagels too (or instead) and do a taste test.

              1. re: Plateaumaman

                And of course if at Kouign Amann, you are just a few short blocks from Trip de bouffe, a Lebanese takeaway with great pita bread, savoury pastries, spreads, sandwiches and things I'm forgetting...

                In general, Montréal blocks are very long one way (roughly north-south) and very short the other, roughly east-west) direction. This stems from the French land allotment system, with deep, narrow plots of land going back from the St-Laurent, and other major rivers. Very different from the system in nearby Ontario and US states, and visible from the air.

            2. My wife and I are also travelling to Montreal soon. I have heard that:

              Schwartz's is a great deli (but it may only be good for the meats).

              Fairmont or St. Viateur are the places to go for bagels.

              Toque or Pied Au Cochon are good for a nice dinner

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              1. re: hockeyhasdays

                "Schwartz's is a great deli (but it may only be good for the meats)."
                - its famous for Montreal Smoked Meat (as Katz is known for pastrami), but theres debate on where to get Montreal's best smoked meat. Maybe search the boards on this.
                It may not be a deli in the American sense...maybe have a look at their page

                Fairmont and St. Viateur are certainly go-to bagel places.

                Toque and Au Pied are nice, but very different - check out their websites.

                BTW, if you happen to like hot and spicy chinese, perhaps check out the newish Kanbai II in Chinatown. 1110 Rue Clark, casual place, both Cantonese and Szechuan. They may tend to dumb it down, but tell them that you like it spicy.

                1. re: porker

                  Great, this is extremely helpful, thank you.

                  1. re: porker

                    If you plan to go to Au Pied de Cochon, and are going to be here soon, you might want to reserve asap. And there are many other good places for dinner here - just check this board, and you will find far more suggestions than you will be able to fit in!

                  2. re: hockeyhasdays

                    You should define what you mean by nice. Not how I would describe APDC.

                    1. re: carfreeinla

                      We were hoping for one meal that is upscale and romantic. The place where you might go for an anniversary or special occasion. Are there any must-go places for that?

                      1. re: hockeyhasdays

                        Plenty of recommendations in other threads, but my go-to, given those criteria, is Club Chasse et Peche.

                        1. re: cherylmtl

                          Good suggestion Cheryl. If the aim is for upscale romantic dining then I'd definitely recommend that you avoid Pied de Cochon and similar establishments (i.e. Joe Beef, Salle a Manger, etc). That's not to say these places can't be romantic, but they are loud and heavy.

                          For fine dining in a larger space, I'd say Toque or 400 Coups.
                          For small and intimate maybe think about some date-night favourites like Chronique, Pintxo, Lawrence, or perhaps a nice winebar like Hotel Herman or 3 Petits Bouchons (they have great small plates).

                  3. Thanks Montreal Hounds for your help so far.

                    I'm wondering what is good at au cinquieme peche (dinner) and Lawrence (brunch)?

                    Also, I've made lists of what is good at the other places we are considering. Any advice on my lists is appreciated.

                    Damas – fattat mozat, vine leaves/hummus, chicken/leaves dish, mouhamarra, Moussaqa’a, chicken fatte, fattoush salad

                    Cafe Myriade – croissant, mocha, donuts,

                    La arepera du plateau – avocado salsa, passion fruit juice, lulu juice, black bean and plaintain arepa, fried plaintains with cheese, stewed chicken arepa, cassava chips, black bean soup, pabellon arepa, tres leches dessert

                    Ma Poule Mouillee – mini custard tart

                    Juliette et Chocolat – crepes, banana-salted caramel-ice cream crepe, peanut butter, chocolate and banana crepe, Fondant au chocolate, Hot Chocolate, Brownies, fondue, fondant au caramel salée, fondants au chocolat au caramel à fleur de sel

                    Cafe Neve – cookies (chocoloate chip, peanut butter and chocolate), donuts, cinnamon scones

                    Les Givres – rhubarb frozen yogourt, banana republic, strawberry rhubarb, pear vanilla sorbet, lime sorbet, apple sorbet, orange sorbet, maple sugar ice cream,

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                    1. re: TeacherFoodie

                      5eP has an evolving menu (like most places in Montreal these days). Although there are a few things that I've seen there repeatedly, I'm not sure that it's going to be easy to recommend any particular dish. What's always been surprising to me is that the simplest options are often particularly extraordinary. For instance, I won't typically order a beef dish at a restaurant unless it's unusual in some way, but I've been blown away with each that I've had there.

                      As for Lawrence, this will depend on your preferences. I've had most items on their menu in one incarnation or another, and only disliked one dish (however, this was because I wanted to see if they could prepare kidneys such that I'd enjoy them, but it turns out that no one can remedy those awful offals).

                      The rest are likely good choices. You can't go wrong with Myriade and Neve (though I don't know their baked stuff very well). Arepera makes an excellent, affordable meal. And Damas has become the most talked about middle-eastern restaurant in Montreal, so it shant disappoint.

                      I'm not as confident in your listing of Juliette et Chocolat: it's fine, but often very busy and always feels hurried to me. Their spaces are quite bright and very well touristed.. you might be happier finding another one of our wonderful bakeries for sweet snacking (Kouign Amann, Rhubarbe, etc etc).

                      1. re: TeacherFoodie

                        I agree with Fintastic, Juliette and Chocolat is a tourist trap (or couples or girls night out). It's pricey, too bright, usually pretty loud and crowded, and not my idea of a cozy, comfy desert place.

                        Les Givres has some of the best ice cream and sorbets in town, I'd go with that hands down out of the desert options.

                        1. re: Shattered

                          Unforfunately, neither Rhubarbe or Kougn Annan are open past 6 or 7 pm. Does anyone know of a good little cafe with excellent pastries open in the evening? (Not looking for a meal, just a great dessert after a concert or film).

                          1. re: williej

                            Well... what he just said... Les Givrés. They have special desserts tasting night like this thursday:


                            1. re: Glaff

                              Can you eat your desserts inside at tables?

                              1. re: williej

                                Of course.

                                Also the Salon de Thé / Bar à desserts from La maison du macaron is open till 9 PM thursday to saturday and 8 PM on sunday.