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Oct 21, 2013 03:45 PM

FAST Help Needed PLEASE! MV Lunch Tommorow (Tues.)

Last minute decision to hop the ferry with visiting relatives tomorrow. Only meal we'll be on island for is lunch so looking for a nice experience. Money won't be an object, but off-season choices, I am guessing, will be the biggest obstacle. Any quick recs. from anyone? Would even sacrifice food quality (a little) for superior ambiance (or vica versa!)

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  1. There are some new really good year round options.

    Little Cafe in Vineyard Haven. Here is my recap from this summer. However it is quite small and can get loud so ambience is dependent on how crowded it is.

    <<Day 2: Had an excellent lunch at the Little House Café in Vineyard Haven after spending the morning at Polly Hill. The place had a slight Middle Eastern influence, a small but notable wine/beer list and used mostly foods from local farms. I had a wonderful Rose along with a juicy lamb burger. It was mixed with herbs (mint, maybe tarragon?) and then topped with a slice of grilled eggplant, a gorgeous tomato, red lettuce and tzatiki. My son had a plate of perfectly fried falafel. Small tender balls that were not greasy in the slightest but had a crispy exterior and a wonderfully smooth interior. It was served with a creamy lemon sauce that he could not get enough of and asked if he could lick the bowl clean, lol. The man had their version of a muffaletta. He raved and didn’t share a single bite. Along with he had some kind German wheat beer. The food, a beer, a glass of wine, 2 refilled ice teas and a coke came to $64. Not cheap but not expensive for the Vineyard. At some point would love to go back for dinner. This place is a keeper.>>

    Another option is Lucky Hanks, recap from this summer below. Again, small, no view but really good food!

    <<Grabbed lunch at another place we had never been to before-Lucky Hanks. It wa an excuse for one more lobster roll and this place delivered. Fresh lobster, lots of knuckle and tail meat with a big claw on top, the smallest amount of herb mayo on a grilled hot dog bun. Fresh, buttery and delicious. The man had the BLT and even with my lobster roll I had food envy. Thick cut bacon, local roasted tomatoes, herb mayo on bread that held together thru every bite. One of the best sandwiches of the trip. The boy wasn’t hungry and chose to eat leftovers. Just as well, more for us! Cost was just over $30.>>

    If view/ambience is more important than food you could always go to Lure at the Winnetu or the Atlantic in downtown Edgartown. Both should be open thru at least the end of October

    Last but not least the two restaurants at the Harborview hotel have the ambience and food is good, not great.

    Have fun!

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      Thanks so much for the effort to provide these recs. Great post!

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        Sorry, I hate it when others ask for advice and fail to report back! We found ourselves in Edgartown at lunchtime, so we first tried Atlantic, but there was no outside seating available and the day was brilliant so that was a must. We then walked over to the Seafood Shanty, and although nothing fancy, was very enjoyable. We had a nice extra wide 4-top on the deck. Good Beer list and all the basics. Our host and her daughter had excellent looking lobster rolls, chock full of tail and claw meat, easy on the mayo, that came with a nice spring mix side salad instead of the usual fries. My DW had the clam plate, cooked perfectly and good sized bellies, and I had a cup (came in a bowl) of excellent clam chowder, (full of clams and no discernible flour) and a lobster quesadilla loaded with fresh lobster meat and topped with a tropical fruit salsa. Service was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Clearly a tourist spot but I would venture in again when in town in the off season. (Edgartown was mostly alive and still open but virtually all of Oak Bluffs was closed)

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          The Shanty is a must for many of our of town guests. Yes, its touristy but consistent and you can't beat the view. Glad you had good time!