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Oct 21, 2013 03:38 PM

Pecan tassies sticking in nonstick muffin pans

I've used both butter and spray pan stuff when making pecan tassies. The crust is very short, but the filling sort of carmelizes. I have not had great luck getting a number of these cookies out of the mini-muffin pans. Should I not be using anything if I'm using relatively new, relatively high-quality non-stick-coated muffin pans? It's annoying because there are treats that can look great when they come out, but fall apart if I have to carve them out. Help!

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  1. It's not the tins, it's the timing. I used to work in a bakery and we made pecan sticky muffins. The trick is to not let them cool off for too long. If there is some sticky stuff left in the muffins tins you can scoop it all in to one cup reheat a little and drizzle on your cookies or eat it with your fingers.

    1. I can't imagine why they are sticking. I've never had that happen. I don't spray or grease the pan. Are they sticking because the crust is too thin and the filling is leaking through? If so make sure you have the crust thick enough before putting the filling in.

      1. I swear by Baker's Joy. I've never had a problem with sticking when using it. I have had sticking problems without it.

        I frequently make pound cakes, I use a very good Nordic Ware loaf pan for it. The pan is heavy and silicone coated. I've used it many times and always used Baker's Joy. Some time last year I was baking one. I was out of Baker's Joy and I used Pam. That cake stuck like it was glued into the pan. I learned my lesson.

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          Aha! Thanks. I have used Baker's Joy for baking when I've laid my hands on it instead of the Pam, but it didn't occur to me that I should intentionally use it here and not Pam. But I think I will from now on. And since I don't use Pam for anything but baking, I won't need to buy it any more.