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Oct 21, 2013 01:35 PM

Venice restaurants able to sit 51 people?

I am taking a student group of 51 people to Venice and would like to know about restaurants where we shall be able to have a sit down meal.
I know about Alla Basilica but I need a second restaurant where I can take this group for supper. Alla Basilica is not open in the evenings as far as I know.
Any advice?

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  1. the pizzeria Ae Oche (which I think has two locations) would possibly be big enough for this and serves ample portions. Thats an insanely large group for most Venice restaurants, however.Hopefully someone else can provide further feedback.

    I think Ae Oche has a website so you imght be able to email.

    1. La Corte, in Campo San Polo, would probably be able to handle a group that size.

      Also Alla Madonna could handle a group that big.

      1. I think Do Farai in the Dorsoduro can handle a group that big. You can see pictures of the dining room here

        The owner is lovely and I quite enjoyed eating there. He serves a typical Venetian menu, mainly simple dishes, at modest prices. I think he speaks English, but I can't remember.

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          I found somebody's travel blog where they described eating at Do Farai on an evening when the restaurant was mostly occupied by traveling basketball teams, so apparently the restaurant has experience in serving very large groups

        2. There is a large upstairs room at Antico Calice near Rialto/San Marco.

          We ate here this past weekend and it was full of Gondoliers, the food was great, the portions enormous and the service friendly.

          We ordered the very traditional nero di seppie and bigołi in salsa. Both were excellent.

          1. Thanks everybody for your replies!
            I am busy working through the detail.