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Oct 21, 2013 01:13 PM

Need Roasted Bone-In Country-Style Pork Ribs Non-BBQ Recipes Please

I couldn't resist a sale on bone-in country-style pork ribs at the store today, but am now having trouble figuring out how to cook them. I'd prefer not to go the BBQ sauce route and want to roast them in the oven. Any good non-BBQ recipes out there and suggestions on how long they should cook? TIA.

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  1. How many pounds do you have? That could affect the recipe. I have made Lechon Asado or Cuban pork but I have used whole pork shoulders or fresh hams. The marinade/sauce could be used on the bone-in country style pork ribs however. You could skip the long marinade and just cook the pork using the marinade.

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      Thanks, John E. That's a great idea. I've actually used the very same recipe for pork shoulder and it didn't occur to me to use if for the ribs. The package of ribs I bought is 4.57 lbs.

      1. re: Tedmom

        I'd adjust the oven temperature and time, but it should still work ok.

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            Made the ribs using this recipe and they turned out great. Thanks for the suggestion.

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              I'm glad it worked out. I recently made a different that might work for you the next time you find yourself with some country style pork ribs. I made a large batch of Pork Chile Verde to eat at our deer hunting camp in a few weeks. The beauty of that dish is it can either be eaten in tortillas or out of a bowl.

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          Hi Sedimental, I don't own a pressure cooker.

        2. Pork chile verde also comes to mind.

          1. I really enjoyed this recipe when I made it, some nice sweet and savory flavors going on with it.

            Essentially a five spice roasted rack of ribs with a hoisin/citrus glaze.


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            1. re: Tokyoite

              Another good idea. Thanks, Tokyoite.

            2. Caribbean Jerk Ribs are always great; you can do them in the oven or on the grill. You can make them with a dry rub or wet seasoning blend. Here's a decent recipe for the dry rub:

              Add fresh grated ginger to either recipe. Add fresh lime juice to the wet rub and let it marinate overnight. You can make it as hot or not as you want. You can also sub dried thyme if you can't get fresh, about one teaspoon.

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                Thanks, Cheryiptw, that sounds good, too.