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Oct 21, 2013 11:55 AM

La 15 y Salsas

This is officially my favorite under $10/person restaurant in all of Arizona.

In a week's time, I went 3 times, and regretted not coming back more.

First trip: I had the enmolades and buddy had the memolitas. The enmolades were basically enchiladas doused with their house-specialty mole rojo sauce. I'm not a mole expert, but this sauce was fantastic. Sweet, earthy and tangy, sort of like a orange-chocolate liqueur (even though there was no chocolate in the mole rojo).

Second trip: Tried the mole tamales this time. It was chicken tamale, and the masa was a bit too dense and chewy for me, and this would've been a bad thing if I was just to eat this alone, but it came with the other house-specialty mole sauce -- the mole negro, which is made with chocolate (so I am told). And paired together -- the dense masa and the lava-like sauce -- the dish was a work of pure magic.

Third trip: chicken with mole negro. A nice tender leg/thigh piece topped off again with that mole sauce and some Mexican rice. I have no idea how the chicken was or tasted because honestly, I could eat a leather shoe if it came with that mole ...

Go, please. They need to stay in business. Forever.

La 15 y Salsas
1507 West Hatcher Road
(602) 870-2056

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  1. We ate there the other night, and were the only diners. My husband had the chicken with mole sauce, which he liked a lot. He is a big fan of mole. Me, not so much, but I did try the tamale with mole sauce since it was highly recommended in the New Times article. It was fine, but mole really isn't my dish, so I will try something else next time. There are lots of intriguing choices on the menu board.

    The server was friendly and courteous. However, for the less adventurous, the location and setting might be a bit off-putting at night -- I would recommend going in the daylight, at least for the first time.

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      I'm sorry about your experience. La 15 isn't really going to kickstart your engine if you don't like mole.

      And, yeah, that area sort of gives me the creeps even in daylight hours. Lucky for me, I was eating with a federal agents (packing heat), but on furlough ...

    2. Thanks Ipsy. .
      Will be in PHX Jan/Feb.
      Love love love me a good mole.

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      1. re: Beach Chick

        See, BC, I knew you were one smart chicka. Winter is the best time to visit the desert. Me? Not so much.


        1. re: ipsedixit

          Gracias chica Ipsy for noticing my Indigo child, Mensa qualities BUT I love PHX in the summer when 5* resorts are under $100 and the blue hairs are gone.

      2. Is this restaurant still open? I am visiting Phoenix and always wanted to try Oaxacan food and this looks promising.