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Oct 21, 2013 11:32 AM

Piccino 2013 and after [San Francisco]

They had a chef change about a year ago, so it seemed worthwhile to start a new thread.

I had my first visit to the restaurant part last weekend, and had a great meal. Well lit space and open kitchen.

The best item was a special, a hen of the woods ravioli in a butter, oregano, and whey sauce. The dough was evenly cooked and had a nice resilience to it. The delicate minced stuffing was delicious by itself, but became fully realized when it combined with the salty whey from the sauce. It was a good reminder that sauce, if any, is best used when it helps to amplify the flavors of the ravioli filling. Side note: butter whey sauce would be an excellent compliment to mushroom pierogies.

A tagliatelli pasta with calabrian chilies, brocollini, and farmer's cheese was okay, but wasn't as exciting as the ravioli. It was lightly sauced, but the flavors were sufficiently strong that I couldn't really taste the pasta. The broccolini was lightly cooked but woody, and it didn't help that it wasn't cut into bite sized pieces. I liked that the farmer's cheese was put into a few dabs throughout the dish rather than mixed throughout.

Chicken breast was great--- juicy and crisped skin . It was complimented with nicely roasted roast carrots and jerusalem artichokes.

Brussel sprouts were well charred and had generous amounts of anchovy. A bit too much oil for my liking, but still light enough.

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  1. Glad to here a fresh report to confirm they are still on their game. I know they changed chefs a while back, but had not heard of, nor noticed any drop-off or inconsistency since then. And the menu appears to be very similar in form, content, and price to what they've been doing since opening the now-not-so-new space.

    1. The food is still good, but unfortunately the service as seriously slipped, to the point were I won't return (and I live two blocks away). The problem is not so much with the waiters but rather with the massively incompetent hostess that works most nights. Unfortunate, as there aren't many decent options in dogpatch.

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        was that recently? I eat there pretty regularly and the service seems the same to me and I think the food consistency has actually improved since the chef change.