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Best Donuts in NYC

Where does one get a fresh donut around town? Looking for a place that makes them fresh (and delicious). Have heard of Donut Planet, but surely that isn't the only place that makes fresh donuts!

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  1. Highly recommend Doughnut Plant. They have two locations, one in chelsea and one in the lower east side. The lower east side location is easy to get to by the m14a bus (it stops at many stops on 14th street, heads straight down Ave A and drops you off on grand st right in front of doughnut plant).

    1. Dough in Bed-Stuy (305 Franklin Ave) has some really great doughnuts. I'm particularly fond of their dulce de leche with toasted almonds, but they have other popular options like passion fruit with cocoa nibs, lemon poppy seed, plain glazed, cinnamon sugar, cafe au lait, etc.

      1. I think you mean Doughnut Plant, not Planet.

        A lot depends if you want yeast or cake doughnuts or a specific type of doughnut. Also your subject line says "Best Donuts in NYC" so if you are willing to go to the other boroughs you should post on the Outer Boroughs board (do a search on there for Peter Pan or Pies 'n' Thighs doughnuts, too).

        Doughnut Plant & Dough are probably the most popular. I think Dough's are too big and too sweet (I would say share with another person, for sure, as I could only eat 1/2 of one). DP's yeast raised are too chewy for me. I do like DP's cake ones though.

        I've heard good things about Balthazar's doughnuts or Doughnuttery's mini ones.

        The best doughnuts I've had have been in Portland, LA, and Chicago, not NYC, unfortunately.

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          Yes, sorry I meant Doughnut Plant. Thanks for suggesting the additional searches!

        2. Peter Pan donuts in greenpoint is destination worthy- their french cruller is ethereal and eggy.
          The donut pub on w14th st can be good- stick to the classics and ask what is warm, but avoid the cake style ones

          The doughnuttery in chelsea market is worth a stop if you're in the area- mini donuts made to order with flavored sugar of your choice.

          1. I prefer Dough over Doughnut Plant.

            However, I prefer the doughnuts on the dessert menu at Flex Mussels even more. You can get them with a variety of filling such as meyer lemon curd, salted caramel, peach compote, or boozy gooey stuff!

            1. Thanks for the suggestions! Any additional suggestions appreciated - will definitely go try the places suggested below!

              1. I think the better (best?) donuts in NYC is in Brooklyn.

                If you stick in Manhattan, you might as well throw caution to the wind and go for a ho-dduk at Grace Street.

                1. I side with the others who like Doughnut Plant. I love a good cake donut and the tres leches version at Doughnut Plant has to be one of the best around. For yeast donuts, the newcomers at Dough Loco have been getting a lot of attention lately. Their maple-miso donuts are one of the most refined savory-sweet combinations I've come across. It's much more subtle than it sounds. Some of the fruit flavors tend to be a bit too acidic, particularly when paired with coffee, but the pineapple and brown butter are a nice combination.

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                    Agreed. Cake doughnuts are more my style and Doughnut Plant does them well. I've tried Dough twice and can't say that I enjoyed theirs more than DP's yeast doughnuts - they were too sticky and greasy and hard to manage.

                  2. Doughnut Plant PB&J donut is to die for!!!!!!!!!!

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                    1. Donut truck: www.twitter.com/carpedonutnyc

                      Best due to extreme freshness and chewiness. Really delicious.

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                        I wish they were cheaper, and slightly larger with a little more memorable flavor. Wouldn't be shocked if they're improving things.

                      2. Donut Pub, 14th st at 7th Ave.
                        They've been there since the 1950s. I love their crullers.

                        1. Sorella: ive got a sleeper, go to Sorella in the LES. Get their donut holes, but get the glazed ones only (they have these creme filled one that are good but not as good as they glazed). They made to order and the glaze is sweet and slightly salty as well. Really good.

                          Donut Plant: I dislike most of donut plants donuts (heavy, oily, just not that good), but their tres leche and creme brulee donuts are really very good

                          Donut Pub: i this place for simple glazed donuts

                          1. Any reports on Dough Loco on the UES?

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                              I posted a few words above. Their yeast risen donuts are very light and fluffy, a terrific example of the genre. I don't think their current options rival Donut Plant, but I generally prefer cake donuts to begin with. They've come out with some new fruit flavors like Raspberry Sriracha since my last visit. Hopefully they're subtley done like the absolutely delicious maple-miso doughnut. The other fruit flavors have been overly sour, imo, particularly when accompanied by their acidic carafe coffee. I haven't tried the Blue Bottle yet since I didn't realize I had to ask for pourover specifically when ordering a cup of cofffee to get Blue Bottle instead of carafe.

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                                  Blue Bottle typically requires vendors to serve it as a pour over.
                                  You will very rarely see it come out of a carafe, sold retail.

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                                    Is their some reason why their Web site has no menu save a few photos of "recent doughnuts" and no address other than their location on a map? Maybe it's just me but if a vendor expects me to take the time to travel to his/her store, I'd like something a little more information-intensive and a lot less "cutesy minimalist" to induce me.

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                                      I believe they're still rotating flavors in and out so they've not set a menu yet. It seems I hear of a new flavor every time someone reports back from the store.

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                                        But no phone number? No address or hours of operation? No description of what they sell in general, never mind the specifics? They have doughnuts and Blue Bottle coffee. What kind of doughnuts? Are they all cake? All raised? Cake and raised? How about the occasional cruller? Anything?? Sorry, but a business that goes to the trouble of launching a site and then insisting on communicating with potential customers by way of a few large images and a blog while forgoing anything more tangible (e.g. something I can read) is going to turn me off, regardless of how good their product is.

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                                          There's a phone (212-876-1980), though it's way at the bottom and easy to miss. And if you click on the red dot on the map, the address comes up. I know, not the most direct way to get that across.

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                                            The phone number, I missed. The address on the map's indicator, I didn't. Annoying.

                                2. Bouchon bakery makes donuts on weekend mornings only- they sell out pretty quickly but recently had a great brioche boston creme

                                  1. Peter Pan Bakery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I've been going there since I was a kid and still consider it one of the best places to get a donut

                                    1. Dough is FAR superior to Doughnut Plant. The latter's creme brûlée is very good however, as is their coconut cream.

                                      1. I dont normally eat Donuts. But when I do, I eat Bombolonis from Sullivan Street. Stay fat my friends!

                                        1. i thought dough donuts(which i can get from Treehaus in midtown) were pretty bad and mediocre...haven't tried doughnut plant.

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                                            The strange thing about Dough is getting them fresher, direct from the source is sometimes worse.

                                            There's something I like about them, but they don't fill a donut craving. They're almost more like a giant unstuffed bombolini.

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                                              giant, yes, tasty, no...the guys at the counter are always raving about them though. I just say, really and get my usual, doughssant.