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Oct 21, 2013 10:48 AM

good dim sum near princeton? nonexistent??

i LOVE dim sum and miss it terribly since i moved from NYC to the princeton area. any places nearby serve good dim sum? it seems that the closest places i've seen recommended are in east brunswick/edison, which is probably a 40+ min drive from me.

i've also read people recommending shanghai bun, but the one near princeton has a combination "dim sum/appetizer" menu that clearly doesn't count. i don't need carts going around, but i'd like things like cheong fun, har gow, shumai, taro dumplings, turnip cake, steamed ribs, etc.

if i DO have to go as far as brunswick/edison, let me know what your favorite spots are. but if there is good dim sum closer, please enlighten me!

thanks in advance.

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  1. I think you really have to travel to Edison and East Brunswick to get decent dim sum. Sunny Palace in EB and Wonder Seafood on Rt 27, Edison are probably your best bet. Wonder has the better dim sum IMO but Sunny Palace is a nicer place (cleaner, better parking situation).
    Don't want to dampen your enthusiasm for dim sum but don't expect the dim sum to be great. they are decent but they are really as you as what you used to get in NYC. They are decent but don't expect too much.

    Also, you can skip Crown Palace in Marlboro. I live 15 minutes away and still rather drive further for dim sum. Also, Crown Palace dinner service is simply pathetic.

    BTW, what about Philly Chinatown? I don't know what to recommend there but I would assume you would have more choices for dim sum and it is not such a long drive to get there. And you'll have more to do after your meal. just a thought.

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      thanks, yCf... it's a good thought. philly is probably 50 minutes away, so for an extra 10 min, they might have good dim sum offerings. i'll check out the philly boards.

      it's sad... with all the chinese people in NJ (myself included), you'd think there would be more good dim sum places around!

      1. re: jen223

        actually according to the philly hounds, dim sum in philly is pretty sad, too! i think it'll be a game time decision this sunday on either Wonder Seafood or whatever the hounds tell me is the best dim sum in philly. thanks!

        1. re: jen223

          Wonder Seafood is very busy on weekends. If you are a party of 2, expect to share a table.

          Unlike ycf, I have no issues with Crown Palace in Marlboro, though I didn't like that the tables are too close together.

          We were just at Sunny Palace this Sunday. It is about 15 minutes closer than Wonder Seafood, so it is our go-to place.

          1. re: ieee488

            What about royal seafood in avenel? I just did a yelp search and it showed up with 4 stars

            1. re: jen223

              Too far away for us. I suppose we should give it a try.

              Also near Royal Seafood is King's Chef on Rt 1. Somone wrote on Yelp that they are closed for renovations.

    2. Another place down the road from Wonder Seafood is China Bowl. Dim sum is ok there.

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