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Oct 21, 2013 10:20 AM

Good Food in Plano/Richardson

I'm heading to Plano/Richardson tomorrow for work for 3 nights. Any suggestions on great, unique places to eat in the area? I'm open to any type of food but want to avoid steak houses and keep it reasonably priced.

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  1. There are so many great asian places in the area that I barely know where to start. Little Sichuan, on Legacy just west of 75 in Plano. Royal Sichuan on Greenville in Richardson just north of Main/Beltline. In the same shopping center as Royal Sichuan, Jeng Chi, which has great dumplings. Nam Hua (Vietnamese), at the corner of Jupiter and Belt Line. Saigon Block, at Arapaho and Jupiter. Mumtaz (Indian), on Campbell just west of 75. Bambu Thai, at Coit and Campbell. Sushi Sake, on North Collins in Richardson. La Me, on Walnut at Audelia. For non-asian: Zorba's (Greek), at Plano Parkway and Preston in Plano. This is scratching the surface, but you can't go wrong at any of these places.

    1. Knowing where you are from would avoid posting something you might have an abundance of. I assume Nebraska (Husker??)

      Jeng Chi - Richardson
      Royal Sichuan - Richardson
      Sichuan King - Richardson
      North China - Plano
      Little Sichuan - Plano
      Sichuanese - Plano
      Senmiya (might be on vacation in Taiwan though) - Plano
      Noodle House - Plano

      Chennai Cafe - Plano
      Madras Pavilion - Richardson
      Udipi (veg only) - Richardson
      Gopal (veg only) - Richardson
      Taj Mahal Imports (snacks - chaat) - Richardson

      Fishmongers - Plano
      Fish Shack - Plano
      Seabreeze - Plano

      Haystack - Richardson

      Fadia's (Lunch Only) - Richardson
      Afrah - Richardson
      Kasra - Richardson
      Dean's (buffet only) - Richardson

      Bambu - Richardson
      Jasmine - Plano

      Palayok - Plano

      Asian Delights Cafe - Plano

      Chitos - Plano

      I am sure others could chime in with a few more Mexican/Tex-Mex options

      I would avoid any Korean or Pakistani as they will not be as good as Carrollton

      If you need specifics on each restaurant and what to get there let me know. Might try browsing some other posts for the palces listed above though as I have provided quite a bit on most of those.

      1. We had dinner last night at Jeng Chi in the Chinatown Center on Greenville Avenue in Richardson for the second time in the last 5 days. Outstanding food! But keep in mind, the waitstaff does not do well with English. Just be patient with them. It's worth the effort.

        And do try Sea Breeze. The best seafood in Plano, for sure.

        Bambu in Richardson is probably the best Thai in the entire Dallas area.

        1. Around where are you staying? Threre are many (hundreds if not thousands of restaurants in Richardson and Plano.Some favorites:
          In Richardson:
          Sushi Sake-authentic and a bit upsacle, sit at the bar and go omakase (trust the chef) On Collins north of Campbell.

          Masami-very popular, can get crowded, on Beltline west of 75 (Central)

          Genroku-casual family place, diverse crowd, Bento boxes (served all day) under $15 with sushi, tempura, a cali-roll, miso soup, salad, fruit, pickles. They also serve things like Teriyaki and Taiwanese dishes. Can get very crowded at peak hours but open all day (11:00 to 10 or so depending on how busy). China center on Greenville north of Beltline. Also has take-out but you have to bring your own container if you want soup! This is our go-to Japanese restaurant.

          Sushi-ko-I haven't been since they changed owners (FKA Stone Horse). Very nice space, great bar, heard good things about it. Corner of Campbell and North Collins (Sushi Sake is a couple of blocks north on Collins (winding road.)

          Simon's Sushi-sushi chef is famous in the area. on the 75 service road (same shopping center as Olive Garden) north bound N. of Plano Parkway.

          Geisha, George Bush turnpike along the westbound exit to Coit, upscale setting, food is ok.

          Central Market is in the same shopping center as Geisha. It has anything you could want (including shockingly fresh sushi rolls I mean, it's not Nobu, but, damn!) If you want a casual assortment of North Texas food, shop around the store (food bars and grocery areas, deli, soup bar, sandwiches, gelato...) and take your goodies to eat in the lunch area.)

          C-Rolls-fresh sushi rolls (some are a little too elaborate but big and tasty). Staff aims to please, soccer on the tv at all times I've been there. NW corner Preston and Frankford.
          There are a few more upscale places for sushi. Look on Yelp or tripadvisor, menupages.

          Zenna-on the 75 service road btw Park and Parker. Open 'til 3 am or something, always crowded, lots of college students. Has decent Thai/sushi/Japanese, big portions, not fancy but usually quite enjoyable. Also delivers to a wide area of Plano/Richardson until 2am. Long happy hour w sushi, apps, and drinks (12 noon-6pm?). Nice bar drinks. A fave of ours for late night

          Bambu -Issan style Thai, unusual and extremely good! SE corner of Campbell at Coit. Some people think it's the best restaurant in Richardson. Be careful with the heat! If you tell them you like it hot, it will be!

          Noodle Wave-pretty good traditional Thai, good noodles, popular, can be expensive but a nice space. NE corner Coit at Spring Valley.

          Ruang Thai-I haven't been here but I've heard it's good if you like fiery curries. People rave about the duck rolls! Very sweet owners. Small portions, though, so if you're a big eater, bring a fat wallet. SW corner Custer at 15th.

          Thai Soon-One of the best meals I had in Richardson was here. Small place, sweet staff. On Coit at SE corner of Beltline.

          Middle Eastern:
          Ali Baba-I haven't been to this location but the sister restaurant in FW is excellent! Mediterranean but serves alcohol. A bit hard to find, north of Campbell, south of Renner on southbound 75 srevice road.

          Alibalad-A friend of mine has been telling about this place for Schwarma and other Mediterranean food. Supposed to be very good. Along north side of Centennial btw the Spring Valley cut-off (east of the DART station) and Greenville.

          Afrah-A Guy Fieri stop on DDD. The $10 lunch buffet is a steal, even with drinks and desserts (6 kinds of Baklava) not included. Can get very crowded at lunch and at night when it becomes a hookah lounge. Beltline across from the Richardson Police Station. (Greenville-ish)

          Random places in Richardson:
          Twisted Root Burger Company- The first burger I had here was one of the best I ever ate. I made my husband go back with me so he could try it and it was only very good, not stellar. Popular, I see it becoming a national chain some day. Many menu choices. Adult milk shakes and things. SE corner Campbell (near) 75, in the shopping center.

          If you want barbecue, don't expect to find it in a restaurant here (maybe a couple of places in Dallas, one in Garland). Woody B's (SE corner Campbell at Nantucket) is take-out only and probably the best bbq here.
          Sonny Bryan's (founded 90 years ago or smtg) has a branch in Richardson (near Coit and Campbell) and the brisket (ask for fat end) can be good, but the last couple of times I've been there the sides were truly inedible. Good hot rolls they bring to the table in baskets, though.
          You might be tempted to try Spring Creek BBQ where you'd get a lot of food but it's not very good. The ribs are fair.
          Dickey's is ok if you're hungry and just want to get in and out in a hurry. If you just want a sandwich, it's actually pretty good. For some reason, my husband picked up an order from the Garland location when Richardson had run out...idk. The food we got from the Garland location was really excellent, and I'm a bbq snob. Google map it. Various locations across DFW..
          Some people rec. Bone Daddy's but I think they mostly like the "uniforms" on the waitresses.
          Lots of places have smokers (Pappadeaux, Razzoo's, BJ's Brewhouse, Kenny's various incarnations, even Central Market) but they mostly stick to ribs, pork, chicken, etc.-not the real deal (beef.) Rule of thumb: if you follow that wood-smoke smell and it leads you to a wood-fired off-set smoker being pulled behind a pick-up truck (or to someone's backyard), that's where you get your barbecue!

          Whiskey Cake-I've been here once and I wasn't that impressed, but they do have deviled eggs (different every day) and other things not cmmonly found, and it's farm-to-table. The cake is their specialty. Maybe I went on an off day or ordered the wrong things. It's super-popular and I think they take reservations if you go with a group. I only mention it because people seem to think it's so unique. It's on the west side of the N Dallas Tollway above W. Parker (Trace), I guess it's Plano.

          Pappadeaux (Cajun), (also Pappasitos Mexican grll). Local mini chain (Pappas Bros) Good for groups, semi upscale but casual and can be pricey, but I've honestly never had a bad meal at either place. Great ($10+) drinks. Both are on northbound 75 service road north of Spring Valley.

          Razzoo's-Cajun local chain. You will leave stuffed (has alligator, fresh oysters, etouffee, ribs, pasta, and things). Good value lunch and happy hour specials. I like the frozen hurricanes! Kind of a party place. Friendly young staff, can be ditzy. Bring your reading glasses to see the menu. Blues-rock playing on the music system (makes me happy!) Very casual. South of SW corner 75 and Beltline.

          The Boiling Crab--Cajun seafood. Wear old clothes and put on the bib they give you! Plan ahead, there's always a wait (forget being seated between 7 and 9 if you haven't signed in!).Seafood boil (crab legs, shrimp, sausages, corn cobbettes, new potatoes) in pick-your-spice-level liquid. They may have some fried shrimp or crawfish (in season, spring), but who cares? Buckets of beers. Technically, it's in Dallas, SW corner Plano Rd at Walnut.

          Aw Shucks! Mostly fried seafood, catfish, oysters, shrimp, and gumbo. Dallas mini chain (Big Shucks, Shuck n Jive, etc.) Reliably good, not fancy. Big with families. Coit at Beltline, SE corner.

          In most of these restaurants, one person can eat a big meal with a drink for under $25-30, add apps and dessert for another $10 or so. Plenty of national chains around if you're afraid to take a chance. If you can't find a place in Richardson or Plano, go to Addison. If you want 5 star stuff, go to Dallas or far northwest Plano.

          Hope that helps. Let us know where you went after your trip.