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Oct 21, 2013 08:30 AM

Best way to use up dry celery from CSA?

I got a big bunch of celery from our CSA which I was excited to use in salads. I was initially thinking I would do Ina Garten's celery salad with the anchovy dressing. But I tried the celery and it's not so hot -- very dry. I would use it in soups, stocks, etc., but it's a fairly big bunch and I doubt I can use it all that way. Any other suggestions for how to get rid of it in one fell swoop? I recently made cream of celery soup and wasn't a huge fan.

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  1. If all else fails and you don't think its suitable for eating you could cut it up and freeze it for use a few chunks at a time in veggie and chicken stocks.

    1. Marcella Hazan has a really wonderful recipe for celery braised with tomato and pancetta. You can really eat a lot of celery cooked this way!

      If you don't eat meat, she has another good version where it's braised with potatoes and lemon.

      Both of these are in Essentials.

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        I second the suggestion for braised! I am not a huge fan of raw celery except for in very limited applications, but braised, it's a whole different animal.

      2. I would make an experimental amount of slaw, shredding celery, a carrot, a small onion, and some unpeeled cucumber or zucchini. Salt and pepper it, add vinegar, water, and sweeten to taste, or toss with a simple vinaigrette. Let it chill for a day before sampling. The juices exuding from the other vegetables will rehydrate the celery.
        If the flavor of the celery is okay, this slaw should taste good as a side, or as an add-on for sandwiches. If the celery is super-bitter, I wouldn't use it, not even for stocks.

        I like celery leaves - a lot - as a salad green and a soup ingredient.

        1. Maybe your celery soup just needs more work. I always use the remnants of celery in soup when it's no longer presentable fresh, and I think it's remarkably good for leftover vegetable.

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            I think my issue is I'm not a huge fan of celery's flavor. I usually like it more because of its texture and the crunch it adds to dishes like salads, so when I end up pureeing it into the soup it loses the one aspect I really like about it.

            1. re: arielleeve

              That explains it. I never purée my celery soup.

          2. Try putting a few stalks in a tall cup of water overnight, *hopefully* they will drink enough water to rehydrate and become crisp amd juicy and you can do that with the rest of the celery as well

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              Hmm, will do! Maybe then I can use it for the celery salad I was so excited to make :)

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                Ttrockwood is right, celery re-absorbs water very well. I slice older celery into nibble-size sticks or chop into little crescents, soak in cold/icewater bath for at least a half hour, and use the sticks for crudites and pop the bits into the freezer for stews, beans, stocks.

                1. re: DuchessNukem

                  When i was a kid we put the celery in water with red food dye-and got pink celery!! It was really funny