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Oct 21, 2013 08:03 AM

Cheap-Eats Recommendations

I'm sure this has been asked before, but I'm coming into town for a conference for roughly 6 days, and I'd love to hit some great cheap eats places that are outstanding.

Please share any recommendations you may have. I like all types of foods, but my traveling companion isn't as adventurous as I am (he's probably not interested in as many ethnic foods as I am).

We're staying near the Pentagon and will have easy access to the Metro and willing to travel into and around DC for great eats!

I've recently eaten at the Metro 29 Diner in Arlington, and I very much enjoyed it, so around that price-point is where I'd like to be. The per diem I get just doesn't allow for 5 star dining - but who says Cheap Eats have to be bad? Not this guy!

So, where are the best Cheap Eats in DC?

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  1. Ben's Chilli Bowl, Comet Ping Pong, Mario's in Arlington, The Italian Store in Arlington, Tortilla Café, Oohs and Ahhs. Good luck!

    1. Nobody has ever asked that before, so I am glad finally someone has. Especially the part about the unadventurous companion. That's a departure that ought to perk us up.

      The unadventurous can be accommodated almost everywhere, so it depends upon attitude.

      Here are 5 winners:

      Jerusalem in Falls Church, VA for Palestinian food. Get the lamb makluba and the makhusan. (Makhusan features roast chicken, if your companion can't stand that, then I don't think I can help you.)

      Pupatella in Arlington for neapolitan pizza. Get the burrata pizza, the arancini, and the panzarotti.

      DC-3: a hot dog place in DC. Go for the Seoul Hot Dog (first choice,a 5-star Chowhound delight) or the Sonoran or the Jersey Ripper. Super duper cheap and delicious.

      Casa Oaxaca in DC, go for the skirt steak in a red mole sauce and the pork ribs in a green mole.

      El Rinconcito in DC, go for the papusas de loroco, the carne deshilada, and the tamales.

      Please note specific recs.

      1. Kabob Palace, Kohinoor Dhaba, Nando's Peri Peri, Pupatella.

          1. El Charrito, on Washington Blvd in Arlington. They have some of the best cheap authentic Mexican in the area! They guy who started the restaurant began his business in a food truck that was always packed at lunch. My top recommendations: burrito supreme ($4!), which comes in a variety of kinds (chicken, beef, chorizo, pork, goat) all of which are delicious; and the bean pupusas, filled with refriend beans and a salty creamy cheese. YUM. Did I mention they're only $1.5 each?!

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              He always had a line at the trailer any time of day. That's why I first stopped - I always drove by him and he always had a line. I got two tacos to go, ate them on my porch, and drove back to get two more!