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Oct 21, 2013 08:02 AM

Takusan Coolidge Corner?

I'm contemplating a visit and have searched all over CH for reviews and found none, hence this post. I'm told it's in the location on Beacon St. where Jaes once was. The all can eat sushi concept is not something I would normally seek out but my kids consume literally lbs. and it sounds like a good deal.

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  1. Yep, it looks like it opened in late August, replacing Budda C (originally Buddachen.)

    A pretty good number of reviews on Yelp - if you're planning to take a child there you might want to take note of the many complaints about poor service, especially food being really slow to arrive.

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      Thanks. I saw the yelp reviews, I find the CH community more discerning : ) much more so was hoping to hear, here.

    2. I've been there twice in the past month. The fish there is good quality especially for AYCE. Noticably better than Yamato, for instance. And they offer yellowtail which Yamato doesn't.

      There seems to be some inconsistancy in ordering policy and item availability, etc. There is a limit of 6 nigiri/sahimi orders per round. You can always order more though. The first time I was there, they stated 6 piece max per type of fish. The second time, it was 6/person, so a little weird. (You can order unlimited makis, I beleive.) They say they have sea urchin but they were out both times I went there. They have a cold/raw bar that you don't need order from and can just go up and get. They have crablegs, crawsfish, raw fish "salads" and clams and and oysters. However the 2nd time I went there, they were out of oysters.

      The first time I went there, the fish took forever. The 2nd time, it came in a reasonable time. You can also order hot items, They have some good grilled options such as eggplant, tuna and beef tataki, shrimp tempura, gyoza/dumplings and the like. Also they have a bon chon wing (3 pieces) which is very good (Still not as good as the real Bon Chon though.) The grilled squid is Huge, it is a whole squid. While not bad, i would stay away from this unless you really like squid.

      There is no mention of a penalty for not finishing your food, although I'm sure they discourage it. Also, all the specialty makis we tried were all pretty mediocre to downright bad. (All deep fried and weird "new" style makis.)

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        Are you describing the dinner hours? I've been for lunch and I didn't see any cold/raw bar that you describe.

        I've been for lunch twice and I think it is a good deal for AYCE sushi. Food does take a while to come, so it's good strategy to try to order the next round when you get your food.You can order sashimi during lunch hours, which is a big plus for me. Don't want to fill up too much on the rice! I agree that the makis aren't anything to talk about. I also agree that the bonchon wings (yes that is the name of the menu item) are pretty good and worth a try.

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          Correct. I should've specified, I've only been for Sunday Dinners, so no idea about lunch.

      2. Am I the only one who thinks all-you-can-eat sushi is just a bad idea in principle?


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          I'm with you. The opposite of what you want.

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            Only if you have 3 teenage boys then AYCE anything IS a great idea : D

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              By no means! All-you-can-eat anything is a nightmare to me.