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Oct 21, 2013 07:34 AM

Lunch Recos Around Dixie/401?

Hi Chowhounds!

I'm about to start a new gig in the Dixie/401 area and was hoping I could get a few recommendations for lunch in the area? I'm open to any and all types of cuisine and price ranges -- I'd just like something tasty!


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  1. Seems like a lot of new people are coming into the area for work! Here are some threads that were already started on this topic or have posted about Mississauga lunch options near the airport.

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      Thanks for leading me to those threads. I'm not all that familiar with the geography (or relative travel times) in the area, but it sounds like many of the options mentioned in those threads are further south than I'll likely have time to get to. I'll sort through the threads to take note of what is nearer to where I'll be, but it sounds like it's slim pickings...