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Oct 21, 2013 07:23 AM

Vinexpo cancels 2014 Beijing show

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  1. Going back many years, we did the full VinExpo experience in London. It was OK, but there was concentration on "emerging markets," like China, even back then. With the "Grand Tasting" entry, we were horribly disappointed in the wines being offered. OTOH, we did get to taste some very bleak Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and British wines (only the UK sparkers were drinkable).

    As China buys up much of France, I think that we will soon see some major issues with the wines being available.

    Maybe the US distributors will finally be able to work out some decent tariffs to the UK, to sell their wines, when the better FR wines are no longer available?

    Just had to do a wine pairing for a UK board dinner, at a high-end London restaurant, and I was surprised at the addition of several good US wines, but the prices were still out of whack. Maybe things will change in the future.