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Oct 21, 2013 07:00 AM

Schlesinger back to Cambridge?

Now THIS is some worthy and encouraging news! Excerpt below:

"A Licensing Commission General Hearing page on the City of Cambridge website indicates that Daniel Lanigan of Lord Hobo on Hampshire Street has "applied to pledge [the restaurant's all alcoholic beverages] license to Christopher Schlesinger." Known in part for being the founder of the East Coast Grill in Inman Square, Schlesinger also opened such places as the All-Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Square, The Blue Room in Kendall Square, and The Back Eddy in Wesport, though an earlier article in the Boston Business Journal mentions that he has exited all of the dining spots that he created."

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  1. isn't Schlesinger the landlord of lord hobo? Either way it doesn't bode well for lanigan.

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    1. re: bostonfoodz

      Lanigan chimed in on this topic via Twitter this morning:

      "Couldn't be further from the truth. I will be running Lord Hobo till I'm buried. Cheers"

    2. Sorry, folks--I just got more info on this. The pledge of license to Chris is only a pledge and doesn't mean he's going to be the new owner. He does own the building where Lord Hobo is, but Daniel will remain the owner. I just fixed the article shown here.

      Chowhound team, could you delete this thread just to avoid confusion? Thanks, and my apologies.

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      1. re: hiddenboston

        Sounded too good to be true; that's too bad. The food (and name) at Lord Hobo could stand to be upgraded.

        So what does a pledge of the license mean exactly?

        1. re: Gabatta

          That's too bad you don't like the food. I've always remarked it's way better than it needs to be. I really like some of the brunch specials (waffles, baked cream cheese with bagel crisps, breakfast sandwich) and we've had few dinner items that were truly excellent (a crab and corn bread special comes to mind). It's definitely a little spendy for that type of place. I'm actually relieved that Schlesinger isn't getting involved because I like Hobo just the way it is.

          1. re: mkfisher

            There have definitely been some hits, but I just find the food to inconsistent overall. Great place for beer or though.

        2. re: hiddenboston

          Since the information was already here for a while, we think it's best to leave this thread up with this correction, rather than remove it and cause further confusion.

        3. Although I haven't eaten there lately (and do drink there frequently), I've always found the food to be pretty good.

          If Schlesinger owns the building, then the pledge of the license could be to secure payments due under the lease. If the required payments are not made, Schlesinger could foreclose on the license (in addition, presumably, to foreclosing on the premises).

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          1. re: Blumie

            I eat and drink there semi-regularly and have enjoyed just about everything I've had, from seasonal salads and fish to burgers and fries. Great place to get a bite from 9-11 pm on a weekday evening, which can be very hard to find.

            1. re: Blumie

              Bingo. With Lanigan opening the multi-million dollar contract brewery, this seems to be a dotting of i's / crossing of t's for those he might have existing relationships with.