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Oct 21, 2013 06:58 AM

Suggestions for Dinners Dec 24-26

Hi guys,

Just looking for some recommendations for dinner in NOLA around the xmas period.

my current plan is:

24th - R'evolution
25th - Not sure yet
26th - Commanders Palace

What's good for xmas day? I have read that mainly only hotel restaurants will be open. I was thinking the Rib Room but I am open to suggestions.

Also where are some good cheaper eats around the french quarter for during the day?


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  1. New Orleans has many good restaurants in its hotels. While there is nothing wrong with the Rib Room there are better choices. Dominica (and the wonderful decorations in the Roosevelt), Luke, Cafe Adelaide, SoBou, Re'Evolution, Stella, Grill Room, possibly in the order of increasing cost .

    For cheap FQ eats do a search here for cheap or thrifty. there are many good po-boy places and some cheaper sea food sites.

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    1. re: collardman

      thanks for the reply.

      I've now got:

      24th - Domenica
      25th - Unsure
      26th - Commanders Palace.

      It seems R'evolution is fully booked, as is August, but this is judging by Open table. I will try give R'evolution a call but i'm actually from Australia so timing is a bit hard.

      Any other suggestions for Christmas day itself? seems like things are booked quite fast.

      1. re: mango3210

        What sort of experience are you after for Christmas day? Of the hotel choices I would go with the Grill Room and expect a very traditional menu. At the other end of the formality scale I would choose Luke and its possible Alsatian take on holiday food.

        But if you are into fusian and "cutting edge" SoBou, Stella and Revolution would be the choices.

        I have friends on the east coast of Oz from outback Brisbane to Melbourne and keep east coast time on my world clock so know the communication problem.

        1. re: collardman

          Yes, last time we were in Sydney, it was only about a few hours different, than back home in Phoenix, but it was also like "a week from next Tuesday... " [Grin]

          For "traditional Christmas," I like the Grill Room suggestion.


        2. re: mango3210

          While I use Open Table, and the UK/Euro Top Table often, with few, to no issues, when I want Restaurant A, or Restaurant B, and see that they are full on that night, I just call. Most restaurants ONLY release a certain number of tables to such booking sites, and a call will usually tell the tale.

          Just encountered similar in San Francisco, almost two months out - "No tables available within ___ hours of your time," with options to try other days. One call, and we had our table, within 15 mins. of the time that we wanted.

          Now, that does NOT mean that you can get a table at R'evolution, when you want it, but I would consider a call worth the effort.

          We liked it, but dined there VERY early after their opening. It was good, but so very obviously a "work in progress." We need to get back now, to see how that "work" has progressed.

          Good luck, and enjoy!


          1. re: Bill Hunt

            Thanks for all the information guys. So my final plan now is:
            December 24 - Galatoires
            December 25 - domenica
            December 26 - commanders palace

            Couldn't get revolution as timing was not right

            Any comments :)

              1. re: mango3210

                Galatoire's will depend entirely on what time you want to go. If dinner then you might be OK. it is a HEAVY local and family day in there but you just don't kow when tables will become availbale becuise the people who have been in the party-outside-the party (that is to say, the line on Bourbon street) have been there since 7:00 in the morning. They'll sit down at 11:30 and stay---and stay---and stay.

                1. re: hazelhurst

                  Haha Thanks for the tip but luckily I've made a reservation for the upstairs room. Btw what's Passable for their dress code at dinner? Are chinos allowed

                  1. re: mango3210

                    Blue blazer (or loud plaid) and khakis are fine. I have a screaming Royal Stuart plaid that gets great reviews at the holiday season. It'll be bustling upstairs, too, especially aslpeople waiting for a table downstairs will be lubing up at the bar..sometimes you cannot get thru there.

                    1. re: hazelhurst


                      I do need to add a "Holiday plaid" to the wardrobe. Last was about 4 sizes too small now. However, here (Phoenix), there is seldom much, beyond Summer attire. Still, I do miss those Holiday plaids. I come close, with plaid trousers, but with the blue blazer... Not the same, but does an OK job for me here.


                    2. re: mango3210

                      Most of MY plaids are Summer, but my navy, dbl-breasted blazer gets me by. I might, or might not don a tie. Depends on how I feel, and perhaps with whom I am dining. Usually, I will have the tie, but that is just me. I do not think that there are any restaurants in NOLA, that still require a tie - but was just informed that our restaurant in London, on Tuesday, DOES. As I always have four in my luggage, that is not an issue - so long as I remember, before leaving my room.

                      Downstairs IS "where the action is," but I now more often go for reservations, and upstairs. However, that is because I have done downstairs so many times. If one has NOT done it, then it is nearly a "must," even if it means a bit of a wait in line. It IS worth it.

                      The food, and, IMHO, the service, are the same, upstairs vs downstairs, but the two levels differ enough, that one might think they are in two different restaurants. Now, I go for the food, the loving service and the history, but with the right group, could be tempted to stand in line, but ONLY with the right group... [Grin]

                      Most of all, enjoy, and trust your server - they will never steer you wrong. Tell them of any aversions, or allergies, and they will accommodate with the freshest and best of the day. They are there to make your dining experience the best possible.


          2. Thanks everyone for your help. Question about domenica, how are they for non pizza pasta items? Given I'll be going on Christmas I'm not sure if my family will be in the mood for casual Italian. Unfortunately not many other place are open Christmas day

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            1. re: mango3210

              Pasta wise I've had the Tagliatelle and the Tagliolini and both were very good. I've never had anything there that disappointed. If I were planning on going there for Christmas dinner I'd be excited.

              1. re: mango3210

                The pasta and other dishes at Domenica are also quite good and the extensive menu offers a lot of variety. The opportunity to see the gorgeous lobby of the Roosevelt in all of it's holiday finery, and to enjoy a beverage in the Sazerac Bar adds to the appeal of Domenica as a possible destination.

                But if your family may prefer New Orleans fare to Italian for the holiday dinner, you might investigate Cafe Adelaide, a Brennan restaurant. Since it is attached to a hotel lobby, it seems likely to be open:


                1. re: mango3210

                  I agree with others that I'd have no probelm going to Dominica. I've never had pizza there and have always ordered as if I'm in a good restaurant and not a casual restaurant.

                  1. re: mango3210

                    Well, here is my little story:

                    We were heading to NOLA with my M-I-L (New Orleans resident, until just prior to Katrina). We booked Domenica, and stated that M-I-L would ONLY accept a limited menu, and mostly chicken dishes, which were not on the menu at that moment. The Chef called almost immediately, and I patched him to my wife. She gave the details of her mom's desires, and he responded, "if she wants Popeye's Fried Chicken, we can send a runner to the St. Charles Ave. shop, and then plate it for her." How cool is that?

                    We arrived at the Roosevelt, but were very late getting our rooms (long story, and not worth mentioning here), and kept Domenica informed at every step. When we finally arrived, a party of 5, and late, the staff was ready to accommodate us, and at every level. I was more than impressed. No one did pizza, but they were standing by, even after their closing time. If only the Roosevelt had been so accommodating.

                    Talk to them, and you might well be surprised.

                    We were greatly impressed.


                    1. re: Bill Hunt

                      Cheers for the insight.

                      Btw off-topic from food, how is the inside temperate of Galatoires during winter? Given jackets are required for men at all times, do they ensure the temperature is comfortable or will heaters be going?

                      I ask this as my parents who will be coming will be a bit annoyed if they are uncomfortable due to the heat. I once took the Amtrak train in winter when the heaters were on pretty high and it was quite uncomfortably warm.

                      1. re: mango3210

                        If you will accept a great generalization, in the winter buildings in the north (which includes trnasportation) are kept uncomfotably warm. In the south during the winter buildings are kept (un)comfortably cool.
                        In New Orleans during the winter on one side of a cool front the A/C's are running and on the other side they aren't. This can change every 3 to 5 days. All in all I think the chances of them being comfortable in dressy clothes is very good.