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Oct 21, 2013 06:35 AM

Dhaulagiri Kitchen

Found this new place, a new (as of last December) Nepali hole-in-the-wall that has taken over the Tawa chapati bakery on Broadway in Jackson Heights. It's really, really good.

The Samay Baji is excellent; I had the beef version, which included a wonderfully spiced beef with the usual suspects (pounded rice, pickles, chili soybeans, etc.). It had a small centerpiece of what seemed to be pickled gundruk; I asked and the waitress confirmed, though there was a language barrier.

Their sukuti thali was very good, though they err a little on the bitter side in terms of overall flavor.

I enjoy the thalis I've had at Thakali Kitchen more, but I'd vote Dhaulagiri for the Samay Baji. Either way, it's a very good place.

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  1. Yes it is. I like their momos too

    1. Now if you could find parking, that would be a find. Parking in Woodside/Jackson Heights is worse than Flushing. Flushing at least has parking lots.

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        our public transportation access is amazing, though, if you have easy access. this place is about 100 yards from an exit on the E, F, M, 7 -- and a few bus lines. and yes, I know that some board users are coming in from other counties. maybe park and ride?

        1. re: debinqueens

          we can usually find a spot on the W side of the BQE.

          1. re: jen kalb

            Today at 3, an off time for sure, parking was still tight. Excellent goat curry, eggplant and potato and two paratha. With a drink it was $6. Excellent food, and the women running the place could not have been sweeter. Always a smile and took the time to point to every item and explain what it was. Next time I will try a Thali.

      2. Update: I still think Dhaulagiri is the best in the area.

        Recently I've turned misfortune (my building in Brooklyn was sold and I had to vacate) into great fortune (I moved to Jackson Heights!), so I have some more perspective on Nepali offerings. I'd say the top three local Nepali are Dhaulagiri in first place, and then Thakkali Kitchen and Laliguras more or less tied for second. I still have some foot (and stomach) work to do, though.