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Oct 21, 2013 05:57 AM

Thoughts on Blue Dragon?

Staying at the Intercontinental tonight and was thinking of walking over to Ming Tsai's Blue Dragon (or a burger at JM Curley's). Any thoughts on Blue Dragon and/or what to order if I go?

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  1. I love Blue Dragon. Lots of fun small plates - their hamachi carpaccio is amazing but honestly I go back again and again for the fried chicken. So find a friend or two and go order the platter (or order the whole thing yourself and take a doggie bag).

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      Agree on the chicken and also the fried fish. Popcorn is good - I think we had the octopus in some form and it was very tender. Have otherwise enjoyed their veggie options but the proteins are truly sublime. Menu has changed a bit since several visits this summer so ymmv. I have found the front of the house to be very pleasant. They also validate parking at a nearby garage which is a great convenience.

    2. I went for lunch but wasn't particularly impressed. At all.

      I'd definitely go for JMC - just for future reference.

      1. Ming was on TV news the other night, Blue Dragon being one of the stores that had to close due to a gushing water main break. Extent of damage to the area wasn't mentioned, but it's wise to call before going there to be sure it's up and running again.