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Oct 21, 2013 05:39 AM


Anyone dined here? It's pretty damn good

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  1. We went for this first time the other evening and were impressed. The wife had a beet/chevre salad for an app, and a wonderful cumin seed laden lamb for entree. I had the steak tartare/carpaccio app (incredible), and since I couldn't decide between the two pastas, the server suggested a half of each. I enjoyed the Tagliatelle Bolognese, but the ricotta cavatelli with mushrooms and egg was the winner for me. Desserts were ok, but not terribly memorable. Wine list was pricy, but we had a nice French cab for $65 a bottle. We didn't have cocktails, as we'd stopped by The Hawthorne on the way there. I would like to go back in winter to try the 9 hour onion soup, it was a bit too warm for that the other evening.

      1. The chef/owner was probably the most arrogant Chopped contestant (twice!) ever. Flamed out hard both times, too.

        The restaurant is pretty good though.

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          I've spoken to him both at the restaurant and at an event, and he seemed like a really nice guy in person. I think he just takes his cooking very seriously, which didn't necessarily come across all that well on TV. Deuxave is great.

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            Wrote about our positive experiences here a while ago and recently returned for a friend's birthday - they managed to serve a table of 10 with attention and charm, gave us excellent food including a very fun popcorn chocolate thing for desert, we could hear each other, and we had a fine evening all around. That's the 5th time I've eaten here with various configurations of friends and we've all been happy. It's now on the rotation.

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            Really? Had no idea it was a television-related restaurant

            1. re: AubWah

              I think Chef Coombs would shudder if he heard you suggest that it is TV-related. a good number of Boston chefs have appeared on Chopped. Jamie Bissonnette of Toro and Steven Brand, then of Upstairs on the Square, now of Barcelona, faced off on one episode.

              1. re: CportJ

                Chef Coombs has tremendous vision

              2. re: AubWah

                Coombs has had the same business partner for all of his restaurants, and he joined dbar a few years before his first Chopped! appearance, which I recall being the same year as Deuxave's opening. That seems a bit different from, say, the Jason Santos experience, where celebrity from his food-TV stint probably was a factor in his being able to put together financing for his first solo venture.