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Oct 21, 2013 05:38 AM

Chesterfield Inn or Peter Havens for dinner?

We're doing a foodie trip in NH in about a month, and are staying at the Chesterfield Inn. I can't decide whether to have dinner there or at Peter Havens in Brattleboro. We're doing lunch at Burdicks. Have never been to any of these places (except Burdicks in Cambridge, which is only desserts) Any thoughts?

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  1. Breakfast at the Inn, dinner at Peter Havens. That way you get to try both!

    1. Have you thought about TJ Buckleys in Brattleboro?

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        Not familiar with Buckleys. I read rave reviews of Peter Havens on Chowhound. I was considering rizzo's idea.

      2. http://www.chesterfieldinn.com/dinner...

        Purely from a theoretical point of view (haven't dined any of those places) to make the trip more varied, i'd go for PH for dinner (unless you have bad driving weather that day.) You can hang out longer at brkfst your last day (if you end up wishing you had spent more time at the inn.


        And/or you could compare current menus at the 2 places and see what wows you. Hope you'll report back; your trip is inspiring me!