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I love sumac. I use it with rice and chicken. With what do you use sumac?

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  1. For me, it goes into several eastern Mediteranean dishes, when I want a souring - say in lamb kofte. Also like it sprinkled on salad to add even more citrus effect to a lemony dressing.

    1. I use it in recipes where I want a sour flavor without additional liquid. It goes especially well in spiced dishes like musakhan and I can definitely see it in a biryani type of chicken and rice. This thread may also give you additional ideas:

      1. There's a recipe for lamb with (a lot of) sumac and chickpeas in The Arab Table that I love.

        1. I love it with eggs, scrambled or frittata. I suspect quiche would be nice too.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                fascinating. it makes sense, though.

                like the mexicans and central americans use lime on their melons.

                do you also use salt on your melons? (i do).

              2. I've had finely grated sumac on hummus as a side dish at a neighborhood Middle Eastern style restaurant. The hummus was served with wedges of pita bread.

                1. my lebanese law partner used it on calve's liver, and mr. alka loved it.

                  i love it in fattoush salad!