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Oct 21, 2013 01:48 AM

Trader Joe's: Spices and prices

This month's Fearless Flier has an Insider Page on herbs and spices, comparing theirs with what's in "supermarkets & natural food stores." The price comparisons make TJ's look good, though less so when corrected for different quantities. But it's the quality claim that's interesting. "There are only a handful of truly high quality spice manufacturers in the world, and we happen to do business directly with a number of them... Trader Joe's puts the spiced in our own label and we don't mark up our prices to sky-high proportions just to recover all those "hidden" [marketing] costs."

I've bought nearly all my herbs and spices from a "truly high quality spice manufacturer," Penzey's, and haven't tried any of TJ's competitive products except for black peppercorns (not in their comparison). Has anyone here made such comparisons, or have inside information about TJ's suppliers?

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  1. tj's started carrying smoked paprika a year or so ago. it's def not penzey's. i'm pretty familiar with their spices, and though i use a spanish brand of smoked paprika, i feel confident that this is not a relabeled penzey's item.

    1. Just got Penzey's current catalog, and their prices can indeed be fairly steep - as expected. Their least expensive cinnamon, Chinese (Tung Hing), is $5.59 for 1.7 oz, compared with TJ's $1.99 for 1.5 oz.

      Quality is another matter, which I suppose we have to figure out for ourselves. Maybe I'll pick up some of TJ's stuff, such as basil, oregano, and cumin, and compare it with the Penzey's already in my drawer. Has anybody else done this?

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        I have found that Smart & Final is astonishingly cheap for spices, but the sizes are quite large. Still, it is attractive for things like cumin, paprika, chile powder and curry powder. Quality is not exceptional, but not at all bad.

        1. re: Tripeler

          Smart N Final is now owned by Sprouts, where you can go if you want to pick up smaller portions of spices from the bulk bottles.

          1. re: Cathy

            i thought sprouts was owned by smart and final?

            1. re: chez cherie

              This reminds me of the Mark Twain story about two bobcats who got into a fight and ended up eating each other, so there was absolutely nothing left.

        2. re: John Francis

          Truth in pricing. Penzey's charges a premium for their excellent flint jars.
          it's also less than $6 for 4 oz.

        3. Cumin seems reasonable.
          Haven't tried the rest.