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Oct 20, 2013 07:20 PM

Walking from Trump Soho

I'll be in NY briefly for work and staying at the Trump Soho Hotel. Any good take away places close by? Or restaurants that aren't too fancy for to go orders? Also looking for any special bakeries, doughnut or other sweet shops nearby. Thanks!

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  1. Soho lunch/takeout:

    Dominique Ansel is close, as is Balthazar Bakery, Birdbath, and Payard. Also like La Churreria and Mille-Feuille (the raspberry almond or plain croissant!) but that's a little further away.

    A friend of mine loves Ivy on Houston but I've not tried yet.

    BTW, the little cupcakes in the window just off Broadway are Baked By Melissa brand; I think they're lame and massively overpriced. Skip.

    I do find LA to be better at doughnuts than NYC. My theory is that NYC is more of a bagel town... But you can also get Dough doughnuts at Gimme Coffee! And Doughnut Plant doughnuts at Dean & Deluca. Dean & Deluca also carries some stuff from Two Little Red Hens.

    The Trump Soho is west of 6th and closer to the West Village in some respects. If you go up 6th Ave to Bleecker, you'll have access to Amy's Bread (which has good cake and sticky buns), Murray's Cheese (which actually had quite good sweets collection including Dorie Greenspan cookies), Bisous Ciao macarons, Grom gelato, Rocco's (freshly filled cannoli), Royce' chocolates from Japan, and a newish British sweets shop called London Candy Co.

    Nearby Bleecker also is Victory Garden for goat milk soft serve (salted caramel is best). And just off Bleecker is Bosie Tea Parlor, try their macarons, cookies, scones.

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      Wonderful suggestions! Thanks so much, Kathryn! I don't know how much time I'll have, but it's a sin to go to Starbucks (or any chain) while in NYC, so I'll have this great list at the ready if the opportunity strikes!

    2. Westville's Hudson Square location is also very close and great for casual meals.

      I imagine you're in their delivery zone, too.

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        I will check it out! Thanks, downtownchica!

        1. There's a japanese market called Sunrise Market at 494 broome between Wooster and West Broadway.

          They have some prepared stuff that's pretty tasty.

          1. Just wanted to report it turned out, I had no time for anything but INSANELY overpriced room service at the Trump Soho. Booooo. Didn't even make it to Dominique Ansel for a cronut or anything else! BUT, I ended up having dinner out with friends on Friday night and we went to a delicious Italian place in the neighborhood called Aurora. I had the cauliflower/Brussels sprout salad (so good--I'll dream about this one), fritti misti (just okay, a tad overcooked) and the short ribs special which came with truffled polenta and roasted carrots (SO GOOD!) Full disclosure, I was starving when I ate this meal, but I stand by its deliciousness. : ) Also, got to have a slice of Joe's Pizza (on or near Bleecker St), so at least I got some delicious pizza in. The worst pizza in NYC is still better than the best pizza in LA, trust! Thanks for all of your suggestions--I will hold onto them for my next visit!