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Oct 20, 2013 06:34 PM

Restaurant Suggestions for Lunch w/ teenage son

I'm looking to take my son out after his 1st college interview this week. Hopefully to celebrate. We will be around 61/5th mad. casual and fun. No sushi. Any ideas? Thanks

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  1. Day of the week? If it's Saturday or Sunday, many restaurants will be serving brunch instead of lunch.

    If it's a weekday, it will be difficult to find casual and fun, especially on East 61st near 5th Ave. You'll probably need to go downtown for that.

    What's your budget, before tax, tip, wine/drinks (for you)?

    1. Fig & Olive (Lex and 62nd)

        1. re: UES Mayor

          Just had an amazing dinner at Ma Peche!!!

          1. re: darren425

            I'll have to check out the menus at both. I don't want to venture too far from 61/mad as the weather on Wed looks crummy and just going for the interview. Budget not the issue just finding something a little less formal

            1. re: brisman

              Rouge tomate would be super close to the interview, a distant second to ma peche IMO
              Note that there will be a "ladies who lunch" crowd there

          2. Take him for a "Mocktail" at the Plaza Hotel bar and then head over to Ma Peche.