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Oct 20, 2013 06:24 PM

Toro or Coppa?

If we only have time for one of the above Ken Orringer places which would you recommend and why?

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  1. Both are excellent, so whichever menu looks better to you. For a one time visit it would be hard to rate one over the other. I personally prefer Coppa's food more for repeated visits. Toro has a full liquor license, which Coppa does not.

    1. Depends 100% on timing for me. Toro is quite a bit more crowded and doesn't take reservations. If I were doing lunch or dinner on a Tuesday I'd probably end up at Toro. If it were a Friday or Saturday night, I'd go to Coppa.

      1. Toro plusses:
        -much bigger menu
        -full bar w/ excellent red sangria
        -tremendous paella valenciana which we cannot NOT order
        -ditto their changing foie gras and the cold eggplant dish

        Toro minuses:
        -loudest room i've ever experienced
        -no res. and always a line (restnt fills as soon as the doors open, even on weeknights.)

        -nicest staff you can imagine. A 'Yes' place all around.
        - some neat creativity on @ plate
        -takes reservatns
        -some sidewalk seating
        -lovely neighborhood
        -small menu but pretty consistent quality dish to dish
        - a real neighborhood spot; you see the families and singles who make it a second home

        1. Apples and oranges, as the menus are very different. I'd go with either, depending on if I wanted Spanish or Italian food and if I was up for a wait vs. making a reservation (or going early, which I find is a better bet at Coppa than Toro).

          1. I love the food at both these places, but even though it is rather larger, Toro is still the tougher table, involving the potential for a long wait at pretty much any time you might want to go. (If you are by yourself, it's significantly easier; one seat at the bar is relatively easy to snag.)

            If you're going with one or more people, make a reservation at Coppa and save yourself the dread hassle of being jammed into a packed bar while waiting for a table at Toro.