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Oct 20, 2013 04:51 PM

Second year in a row on Kauai

My husband and I went for the first time last year and fell in love with the island. On Wednesday we're coming back with my adult daughter, my sister and her husband. Last year we were blown away by Bar Acuda--ate there 3 nights! We loved Tahiti Nui for their Mai Tais and music---never tried their food. We stayed at the St Regis but only ate at the poolside for lunch--meh. we ate one night at the Plantation near Poipu. I thought it was pretty good but my husband was disappointed--he'd been there in a different lifetime and didn't live up to memory.
Again we're staying in Princeville, Hanalei Bay Resort, and expect to do most of our meals there. Bonus: we have a condo with full kitchen so looking forward to BBQ and easy meals. The market nearby was pretty good too, as I recall. I'm looking forward to the farmer's market and eating at more local, smaller joints.

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  1. Dolphin fish market is great for off the boat fish. Ask to look into their walkin. When it's full it is a site. For picnics we also like their rustic sushi rolls and ono salad - think tuna salad but fresh and turned up a dozen knothes..on saltine crackers. That and a few bottles of water frozen to keep things fresh makes a great picnic. Not sure if monchong is still overfished, but it is wonderful when available.

    Some vendors have the most delicious greens I have ever had. Must be that red dirt! Stop at Hamaura Saiman for lunch and bring back a frozen lillikoi pie. It will thaw on the trip back and is great for dessert and breakfast! Pick up a pine and dip it in melted chocolate for a special dessert out on the lanai. Oh and those frozen chocolate bananas at the farmers market are quite the treat. And meyer lemons if available at farmers markets are great for drinks, cooking, tea. I think there are still two markets in Hanalei. Waipa just past Hanalei on tuesday afternoons and then the saturday morning in Hanalei

    1. Just got back a couple of weeks ago in Kauai and we stay in Poipu...

      This year we had a 2 bedroom villa at the gorgeous Waiohai Beach Club for a week and we loved everything about this resort and the beach is stunning...maybe for next door to Red Salt.

      We were not impressed with the St. Regis Princeville and I love staying at St. Regis hotels elsewhere but the food and drink are meh.

      Red Salt at the Koa Kea resort...fantastic place.
      Josselin's for tapas is lovely..

      Keoiki's Paradise is a fun place for happy hour and apps..bruddha DJ is da bomb and great Aloha music.
      Duke's in Lihue for everyday happy hour is another fun time..great casual place for good food and drink.
      Hamura Saimin's in Lihue for saimin and Lilikoi pie

      Med Gourmet in North Shore is supposed to be quite good.
      Dolphins in Hanalei
      Tiki Iniki in Princeville center...see if this is open yet...Tood Rundgrens new place but its slow getting out of the gate.

      Beach House and Merriman's but I would probably just go for drinks and apps

      Make sure you have drinks at the Grand Hyatt...stunning

      Since you have a kitchen, I would load at Costco in Lihue up for dinners and dine out breakfast/lunch in Poipu area.
      Make sure you snorkel and swim at Poipu State beach.

      Aloha and have a blast in one of the most beautifulest places on earth..

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        Tiki Iniki just opened this past weekend.

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          Report back when your back in Dec...trying to get there after the holidays..

      2. We are going in December and planning on making reservations to try Kauai Ono: