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Oct 20, 2013 04:33 PM

Charleston - Gluttons Paradise or Indecisive persons nightmare - Help!

Hi Chowhounders!

After three years of talking about it we are finally going to Charleston and Savannah.

I have a short list and a few blanks so i thought i would be try and get some moral support from the board, what a tough food decision requiring city!

Day One

Lunch - Martha Lou's Kitchen
Dinner - FIG (reserved)

Day Two

Late Breakfast - Hominy Grill
Lunch - Butcher and The Bee
Dinner - McCrady’s (Reserved)

Day Three

Breakfast -
Lunch - Husk or Snob
Dinner - Macintosh (Reserved)

Day Four

Breakfast -
Lunch - Xiao Bao Biscuit
Dinner - Cru Cafe (Reserved)

Day Five

Dinner - Not sure

Day Six

Dinner - Not sure

So i am short on breakfasts and two dinners. I am not sure if so much fancy food (shocked that i just said that) will smash my appetite near the end of the trip or if i should suck it up.

I was thinking about the ordinary which for some reason does dismal on urbanspoon as another dinner option.

Can anyone help me out? What fancy food or casual/comfort spots should i fit in given my reservations?

I am open to changing what i have and i also feel like i am shortchanging local cuisines; BBQ, Gullah, traditional low country.

My visit has me doing a couple day trips up ashley river way and North to Georgetown/Pawleys as well then working my way down to Savannah maybe i can get my local fix around these areas.

Apologies for my rambling post I cant wait to get down there. I really love these forums and i know Charleston can feel like its been beat to death buuuuttttt its always someones first time :)



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  1. If you are going toward Georgetown eat at SeeWee...very lowcountry

    Unfortunately the best place in Georgetown burned down last month during the horrible front street fire :(

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    1. re: LaLa

      We will def check out SeeWee i have read up and it looks like great fun!

      Bummer about the fire, we get lots here in Montreal once the fire hits the ceiling it can jump buildings very fast. Just a couple of weeks ago a new promising resto only lasted one night and then poof up in flames.

      Thank you very much for your suggestion.

      1. re: JayL

        Trying to be good now and skip breakfasts but i am sure i will give in! I will put Dixie Supply on the list.

        Thanks heaps for the suggestion.

      2. The Ordinary is great. People may be turned off by the loud atmosphere or high prices, but the quality of the food is superb.

        Also, look into The Grocery for one of your dinner slots.

        1. It looks like you've done a great job to me. I haven't been to the Ordinary yet, but I wouldn't hesitate to go to anything related to FIG. Trattoria Lucca or Coda del Pesce would be good dinner possibilities.

          My main concern is how you're going to fit all that in your belly. Especially day 2. Those are some good choices, but I can't imagine that your dinner enjoyment wouldn't be runined. I would move Hominy to a lunch spot and do my lunches as early as possible, skip breakfast. YMMV.

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          1. re: danna

            Fitting it all in is an issue :) I think your right i am going to move my Hominy booking to lunch and skip breakfasts altogether.

            Maybe eat an apple which always makes me hungry in the morning :)

          2. The Ordinary is spectacular for seafood lovers - lots of variety in terms of products as well as preparations. It's seafood and it ain't cheap - I read some reviews on Urban Spoon - most seems to rave above the restaurant so I don't understand why it only has 3 stars. I assure you the food is 5 stars.

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            1. re: Worldwide Diner

              Weird huh. I trust comments far more then just clicking a thumbs up or down. I made a booking,

              Thanks for the recommendation.