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Cronuts where

Where are great cronuts in L.A.

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  1. They have them at Barney Greenglass. I had to ask what it was, and they explained it was all the rage. It was pretty good if you happen to be dining there.

    1. Frances Bakery has them in the Honda Plaza in Little Tokyo

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          I got a chocolate glazed eclair style one and while the cronut itself was gorgeous (that crust looked so beautifully browned and flaky) a combination of the heaviness in oil plus the lack of sweetness from the custard to cut through the oiliness of the layers made for a rather bland and greasy experience for me. I imagine with a sweeter custard and less heavy handed-ness in the oil I can actually get behind cronuts. The chocolate frosting was on point though (but not sweet enough to lift everything else).

        2. re: Xan7hos

          Haven't had anything else but those from Frances, but they're pretty awesome. Rec the blueberry!

        3. DK Donuts & Bakery
          1614 Santa Monica Blvd
          Santa Monica CA 90404

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            DK's cronut things were terrible.

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              I like DKs cronuts. They're probably a little more donut-y than croissant-y.

            2. The Whole Foods Market in Tustin has a maple bacon crossoint-donut thingy. I just had to try it (for the sake of science), and it started out being quite tasty, but I should have stopped halfway. Half would be fine, but a whole one was too much for me, I felt kind of guilty-sick afterwards....

              1. Kettle Glazed in Hollywood

                6211 Franklin Ave

                Insanely sweet but delicious. I generally can't stand things that are overly sweet but somehow this one works. The custard is so good. Their raised donuts are also very high quality with a great chewy texture. It might just be my favorite donut right now.

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                  This is the only cronut I have tried so far and I thought it was pretty good. They come in two sizes. Trust me, small is more than enough!

                  BTW, here's a link to the L.A. Times article on the best 5 cronuts they've found in town.


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                    I just had one from Kettle Glazed, I thought it was terrific!! My SO thought it was a tad too sweet, however, I did not. I loved the pastry cream inside, but could have done without the chocolate drizzle-it kept flaking off and making a mess.

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                      oh yeah.. the chocolate drizzle is annoying and unnecessary. Pretty, though!

                    1. There's also a link to Cronuts on the board but I can't seem to find it at the moment.

                      1. I really liked Frances.

                        1. had one from S and K's donuts (near park la brea on third)...not bad...not as good as the maple with bacon, the apple fritter or many of the other options there ... this is actually a pretty good donut shop.

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                            SK's Donuts has been locally famous for a few years now.

                            Though for me, Primo's is where it's at for garden variety style donuts, which is donuts that are made roughly or nearly the same way they were in the Eisenhower administration.

                            1. re: kevin

                              Never knew that. If like to try primos. It's not very close to me tho. I like basic donut flavors and will try.

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                                I highly recommend Primo's. I used to stop by on my way to work early in the morning around 7 and pick up a few. The one that stood out was the Buttermilk Bar. Going in early allows you to get them fresh and still steaming hot. They actually fogged up my windows. The taste was a ten experience for me, hot, crisp on the outside giving way to moist softness on the inside w/a very clean fried oil taste and only slightly sweet. I have not had them again as I want to savor the experience in memory.

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                                  They have Cronuts now at Primo's ??????

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                                    No. Don't think they would ever do anything as faddish as cronuts. As you mentioned the donuts are made the same there as in the Eisenhower era, really before that. I've included a link with a menu. Very basic, very good, website says they go back to 1936.

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                                      No, I have been many times and love it and never thought they would make Cronuts but someone on the board mentioned they were recently planning on doing there own twist on Cronuts.

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                                        I have noticed on a the past couple of visits (last one was about six weeks ago), that they are trying new things. They had what looked like a maple bar with real bacon bits on it. Can't remember what the actual name was, but I got one and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. I think they might have fortified the maple icing with bacon drippings - it tasted smokey and bacony, and the donut itself was great as usual. I know you don't do pork, but you may want to give their other new additions a look the next time you're in.

                          2. Capicola's on PCH in Torrance, across from the Mercedes dealer has them, they do a few different flavors, best yet was the strawberries & cream. YUM! Even better is the mini ones, heaven right to my hips!

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                              I think that place is going to be out of business soon. They can't figure out what they want to be. They advertise themselves as a coffee bar, wine bar, making cronuts, pizzas, sandwiches, salads, breakfast items... but their hours are 10-4pm. I like my coffee before 10...and wine..after 4pm (if I was going to have wine). It'd be great to buy cronuts to bring them to work but my work starts well before 10am.