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Oct 20, 2013 04:20 PM

Good Beer Bar with GOOD food?

Just wondering with all these craft beer bars popping up if any have GOOD food? Thanks!

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  1. Resto / The Cannibal
    Spitzer's Corner -- avoid weekend nights though

    Best combo of craft beer & food

    1. Jimmy's No. 43, which is mentioned in the threads katherine provided. Especially if you are carnivorous (I'm not, but my carnivorous friends love the food there).

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        THANKS! Those are great threads. Exactly the kind of places I am looking for.

      2. DBGB is currently serving drafts of Stone's "Enjoy By". Had it on Friday. Wouldn't be surprised if it's gone already.

        1. Waterfront Ale House - 540 2nd Ave (I forget exact street, lower 30s). The beer list is smaller than some (about 25 at any one time) but full of interesting selections.

          Food is quite good, too.

          1. I find DBGB overpriced, personally - with the exception of the exclusive beers they have, there isn't a one where it's not the highest price in town. Also I find the portions on the food rather skimpy for the price, at least on the bar menu - the burgers and sausages etc seem to be a wee bit overblown. For $18, I was a bit surprised to find something only marginally larger than a slider placed in front of me. And the sausages were gone in a few bites.

            It's odd, tha actual restaurant in back I quite like, and I find the food quite reasonable. It's just the bar menu up front I have issues with.

            Otherwise, the above are all good. I'll add Cafe d'Alsace - very straightforward simple food, nothing fancy, hearty fare, but a very solid beer selection if you happen to be on the UES.

            Blind Tiger makes decent sandwiches and other basic fare - great beer selection.

            And if you can make it out to Williamsburg, Torst is supposed to be adding a food menu in the bar (not just the fancy tasting menus in the back room) - not sure if they've pulled the trigger on that yet, or if it's still just charcuterie and cheese plates and whatnot in the front room.