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Oct 20, 2013 02:26 PM

Spiced Crab Apples

Am looking for some really tasty crab apples as a side for Thanksgiving. They seem to have vanished from the stores! I have made my own in the past, but have not been able to find the proper small apples this year. Any leads would be appreciated! Thank you!

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  1. Not crab apples but they have tasty pickled spiced apples at the Russian markets. New world and European foods...

    1. Crab apples, apple rings in jars, NutraDiet long gone for many years. That was a S+W product in their old days. They used to do lots of cool stuff spiced peaches, tomato aspic in cans and several other things. The whole S+W debacle sellout was just a shame for the growers. But thats another story

      1. No idea (having never made spiced crab apples, which sound lovely) if other same-size varieties would work.

        But I have seen some variety (next time I'm there, I'll make it a point to check and report back) of really small (crab-apple-sized) apples @ Star Market (Berkeley).

        1. The Apple Farm has had Wickson for the last couple of weeks at Ferry Plaza. Small and i think it is part crab.

          1. Check around and see if anyone has a crab apple tree. I have one and never do anything with the crab apples. Maybe I should.

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              They really are yummy! Bring back memories of childhood Thanksgivings when Grandma always made sure they were part of the relish tray.
              I did find some fresh mini apples at Boa Vista in Apple Hill (Placer County).....don't usually see them there but they had a few so now I will pull out my recipe and start them pickling.
              Thank you for the suggestions....may have to search again next year!

              1. re: wpattillo

                about a week ago, I saw a barrel of them at Berkeley Bowl West

                1. re: oranj

                  I saw them at Nob Hill yesterday.