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Oct 20, 2013 02:20 PM

Very Quiet, Very French, in Paris on a Monday Night

I'm very deaf, and yes I have all the equipment I can get. I am meeting my future son-in-law for the first time in Paris on a Monday night next month.
Can anyone suggest a quiet mid-priced restaurant that is good. We will be staying by the river in the 5th, so an nearby arrondissement would be best, but quiet is most important. I really like one-person restaurants with a very limited menu.

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  1. L'Auberge du 15 seems the perfect choice...

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    1. re: Ptipois

      I read all about it, sounds perfect but it is not open on Monday. :(

      1. re: donteat

        I'm deaf but not very and my go-to place on Mondays is Ze Kitchen Galerie but I'm not sure if it's "mid-priced" by you. 120-130 E with a bottle of wine a couple at lunch but more at dinner.
        100 Taillevent is also very quiet and at lunch under 100 but dinner would be 140 E and up.
        Ah ha I think I've got it:
        5.6 Le Cette, 7 rue Campagne-Premiere in the 14th,, closed weekends (Metro: Vavin) Decibel level 64-70. My bill at lunch for a couple with a bottle of wine = 68 E.