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Reply visibility problem

When i reply to a post the text in the box as i type does not scroll down as i am typing. So if my reply is more than four lines long i can no longer see what i am typing! If i hit reply and then go back and edit i can eventually fix errors but making the cursor stop in the right place is also a problem, it jumps around and skips lines

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  1. Same exact problem here. The box is small enough to begin with and now this..

    1. ditto on my iPhone and on husband s droid

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      1. re: iL Divo

        I'm also on an iphone- no recent software updates or changes- this problem started a few days ago, was fine previously

        1. re: Ttrockwood

          I've stopped updating everything my phone says is in need. I swear it just boggles down my phone even more.
          so no updates of recent for me either.
          and yes, it's been days now.

      2. seriously what is going on

        1. Mine did that today on my tablet with the Samsung browser. I switched to Chrome, which I usually use, and all is well.

          1. Can you see the little "arrowhead" or "triangle" made up of dots in the lower right corner of the reply box after you click on reply but before you start typing? If you can you should be able to place the cursor on that symbol, click on it and while holding down after clicking on it just go ahead and enlarge the reply box to as large as you want using your mouse or touch pad.

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            1. re: Servorg

              Negative on seeing any dots anywhere....
              And no cursor or mouse used when on my iphone.....

            2. I'm seeing this bug too, so we're investigating. Thanks!

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              1. re: Dave MP

                Thanks! We brought this up a few days ago as part of the large autocorrect problem because try arrived together but it seems like we were lost in the shuffle.

              2. still continues, same problem.

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                1. re: iL Divo

                  Yeah. Its making me bat$hit crazy.....

                2. We've been looking into this, and the reason this bug is happening is because of a change that was made to our mobile site last week. We're working on figuring out a solution, but unfortunately I don't have an estimate of when that will be.

                  In the meantime, if you're on an iphone, this bug appears to only be happening on ios6 and earlier. So if it's an option to upgrade to ios7, then this will fix it.

                  I've also tested this on some Android devices, and it's not a problem I'm consistently seeing. If you are seeing it on Android, switching to Chrome may solve the problem (as kitchengardengal noted). Sorry that these are only workarounds for the time being, but hopefully they can help some of you in the meantime.

                  Dave MP

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                  1. re: Dave MP

                    Thanks. Was really hoping not to upgrade to seven but maybe I will have to bite the bullet.

                    1. re: melpy


                      and.....the screen bounces allllll over the place before it settles down and stops moving.

                  2. I've written in detail about the myriad problems I've been experiencing.... I cannot post link here due to the crazy scrolling glitch but please read my other recent site talk thread and chime in if you're experiencing any or all of the problems in facing.

                    Mr Taster

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                        1. re: Mr Taster

                          got it.
                          so many things happen when I try to post on my iphone it's not worth mentioning them all. I'm currently on my laptop.

                    1. We released a fix yesterday for this issue, so it should now be back to normal on all devices.

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                      1. re: Dave MP

                        It is not. It also won't "accept" a return until the little window is, um, ready to expand.

                        1. re: Dave MP

                          So far it seems to be fixed for me! Thank you so much!