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Oct 20, 2013 01:15 PM

JUMBO hot dogs

First, let's get the smutty thoughts and giggles out of the way, Go on, I'll wait, it's to be expected.

Now then... My idea of the perfect hot dog has a nice, thick, fat wiener. Not a long, skinny foot-long, not a thick polish sausage or bratwurst, but a really good-quality wiener with some girth--maybe an inch and a half diameter. The wieners I've seen recommended hereabouts--Bavarian Meats and the like--are skinny. Is there anyplace in town where I can buy a nice, thick, high-quality wiener?

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  1. You might try Hempler's "Bun Buster" or Old Fashioned franks, which are pretty widely available. I am also personally fond of Cloverdale Meats Mariner Dogs, available at Costco.

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    1. Eat-in or take out? (har, har)

      No, really. We had fat hot dogs at Benito's in Ballard last week. The bun couldn't handle the wiener and toppings, but the dog itself was good and thick and snappy.

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        I was hoping for some I can make at home, but I'll also add Benito's to my list of places to try. Taste of Chicago in the U District used to be my go-to place for a good Chicago Dog fix, but they closed (dammit!) How is their deep dish pizza, or did you try that?

        What got me going on this was that a colleague based in Chicago just sent my husband a Chicago care package--all the fixings for Chicago Dogs, plus some frozen Lou Malnati's pizzas. The pizzas were pretty good but the dogs were a bit of a letdown. The relish is indistinguishable from Del Monte (not neon green and slightly crisp like it should have been) and the wieners were skinny and unremarkable (the sport peppers, however, were very tasty). I was hoping for something a little more substantial (yeah, that's what she said!)

        1. re: MsMaryMc

          My dog at Benito's was the Chicago dog, though with cucumber slices instead of pickle spear (the relish was the right kind) and not enough celery salt to taste.

      2. If Chicago dogs are what you're craving, Central Market deli in Shoreline has the fixins to make you one, or take home. We had a book club meeting a couple years back and I was able to purchase all the fixins (poppy buns, sport peppers, neon relish) in bulk from there. They also had the Vienna Beef dogs, but we opted to use the Costco version.

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        1. re: biankat

          Thank you! I live way the heck at the other end of town, but I love that store--this gives me a good excuse to go up there sometime soon.