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Home Cooking Dish of the Month (November 2013) - Nominations

Nominations are now open for the November Home Cooking Dish of the Month.

It's getting chillier for most of us, and holidays are approaching. What dishes appeal for November?

Nominations will be open until October 27th at 11pm Pacific time (2 am on October 28th Eastern time, and 6 am October 28th GMT). Please nominate your dish using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. (If you discuss the dish elsewhere in the thread, please type it in lower case. This makes it easier to count the dishes in caps, without counting more than one nomination for each person.) Remember that a dish is loosely defined as an ingredient and a method of preparation.

You may nominate more than one dish. The dishes with the most nominations will move on to the voting round, where each person only gets one vote. If you haven't joined us before, feel free to jump in!

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  1. braised dishes (Is that too broad? i never get the criteria straight.)

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      Heh. Brilliant minds n all. I was thinking


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        mariacarmen - are you think of meat braises like linguafood? I think that is specific enough. It's an ingredient and a technique, right?

          1. re: jpr54_1


            CHICKEN SOUP

            CORNED BEEF

          2. REAL HUNGARIAN GOULASH. Pardon if it's been done already!

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              Oh yes, HUNGARIAN GOULASH, love it and would make in November for sure.

            2. TORTILLA SOUP (I've made chicken but I hear there are all kinds and everyone adds different things to theirs). I'd love some new pointers. Hopefully Mr. BZ will be up for something a little spicy later in the month.

                    1. Good grief, I'm hitting recommend on everyone's posts. What a collection of great ideas! And all so appealing for the chilly month of November.

                      Keep the nominations coming! I'd like to try cooking all of these suggestions, but only one, of course, will end up being the DOTM.

                        1. I'm having a hard time deciding between some of these great-sounding dishes.
                          I will declare for:

                          HUNGARIAN GOULASH - I've never made it, have some fond memories from my childhood, and would love to give it a try. I bet there are some hounds that would be great resources for this dish.

                          And, MEAT BRAISES. Perfect weather, and a lot of leeway.

                          I'll hold myself, for now, at those two. Wait, maybe not, I just noticed...
                          PUMPKIN PIE/DESSERTS what better time for this?

                          Keep those nominations coming, and feel free to nominate more than one!

                          1. Yes, L.Nightshade, it is hard to decide. It's true November is the month for PUMPKIN DESSERTS and STUFFING!!

                            I also noticed that I could make a combo recipe DOTM and COTM with BRAISED MEAT dishes since there are many of those in the cookbook that was chosen for COTM.

                            Any of them sound fine to me. Any excuse to cook is great : )

                            1. I just want to make sure that everyone knows that clicking "recommend" in this thread does not count as a nomination. I see that some nominations are garnering several clicks, which is fine, as long as you also write out your nominated dish in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

                              We only use the recommend button during the final voting round, because this round usually has a lot more discussion and vagaries.

                              Thanks all, and pass it on!

                                1. HINGARIAN GOULASH
                                  MEAT BRAISES

                                  1. APPLE DESSERTS
                                    SHORT RIBS
                                    SQUASH MAIN DISHES
                                    TURKEY LEFTOVERS

                                    1. TURKEY LEFTOVERS
                                      MEAT BRAISES
                                      HUNGARIAN GOULASH

                                      1. I'm not sure turkey leftovers is a "dish," as it doesn't include a method of preparation. But aside from that, I have a question for the people nominating. Will you have leftovers for the entire month of November? Or will you just be reporting on turkey leftovers after Thanksgiving, in other words, just the last couple days of the month? I think we'll have a much more active thread if we can report on our dishes during the entire month. What do you all think?

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                                        1. re: L.Nightshade

                                          Turkey leftovers might be a good one for December for those of you in the USA. Our Canadian T-Day has come and gone along with turkey leftovers. I not a big fan of any kind of leftovers and having leftovers for the whole month sounds like a food nightmare to me :)

                                          1. re: L.Nightshade

                                            My thought was that basically dishes could be made that could incorporate the leftovers at the end of the month. I could make a tetrazzini dish, and post it when I make it, and then again with the actual leftover turkey in it. We can always edit and add photos to our own existing posts, I believe.

                                            As I won't be making multiple turkeys all month, there are other components of the meal that can be improvised and tinkered with ahead of time, like mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables, pies etc that can be posted here, and others can refer to our "experiments" for when they are actually dealing with their leftovers at the end of the month.

                                            For me, the problem with the month of November is there is not a whole lot of other things on my mind that I want to cook or experiment with that doesn't have to do with the big meal of the month. Maybe that's just me.....

                                            And I'm not sure why a certain type of cooking method has to be associated with the DOTM. I mean, many things nominated here, like stuffing, and even on other months, though I can't come up with an example right now since I don't have the whole list memorized, that can be cooked a variety of ways, not just steamed, sautéed, baked, grilled, etc..... I thought that was one of the points to the exercise. To see how others come up with different and delicious ways to prepare a common item or dish, using different cooking methods, not just different ingredients.

                                            1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                                              Well, we do try to define a dish as an ingredient and a method of preparation, and that's always in the intro post. Sometimes those criteria may seem a little loose, but they are always included. That's the reason people can't just nominate chocolate, or soup, or squash. I actually think turkey leftovers would be a great thread on it's own, maybe a thread for the week after Thanksgiving. But even if it is narrowed down to a dish (turkey pie, turkey croquettes, turkey curry, turkey soup, etc.) I don't think there would be a lot of action until November 29th.

                                            2. re: L.Nightshade

                                              Good reasoning didn't enter into it at 3am when I posted. Just a late night food craving. Doesn't appear to have enough votes to win anyway.

                                            3. Big windstorm here, am losing electricity and Internet intemittently. Nominations still will close at 11pm tonight. I'll complete the count as soon as I'm back up.
                                              Thanks for bearing with me!