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Oct 20, 2013 09:57 AM

Problem with Chicago Metallic sheet pan, help.

I have a 10x14 Chicago Metallic sheet pan that is leaving black stuff on my dish drying towels. What happened to it? It is a nice, heavy pan, no warping at all, but this mess on my towels is something else. I paid a nice price for this out of a swanky kitchen shop. I will toss, but am wondering just what happened to it? Anyone know?

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  1. Can you say exactly which type of pan it is?

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        I think GH1618 was asking you about the material.

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          Some have a nonstick coating. The Commercial II series is aluminized steel.

      2. I'm assuming this is an all-aluminum pan. Are you washing it by hand, or in the dishwasher?

        Please don't toss it. Aluminum pans will leave dark grey residue on anything they're rubbed with. For this reason I never use my good dish towels to dry them, only paper towels. It doesn't in the least affect the function of the pan, or affect the food.

        If it is the heavy aluminum jelly roll sheet, I'd recommend hand washing. Parchment paper cuts way down on the need for energetic scrubbing.

        1. It sounds like bare aluminum. This is normal.

          You definitely do not need to toss, and if you really don't like it, then give it to someone else. It is normal.

          1. Maybe you should let it air dry.

            1. If your pan needs a good home, other than yours, let me and the other chowhounder's know.

              I really like my Chicago Metallic bakeware. I purchased mine all real cheaply at discount places and really like the high quality construction.

              Aluminum does exactly what you describe whether expensive or cheap, finished or raw stock. The endurance motorcycle bags are made from aluminum for good reason and come with nylon bags for their contents due to the problem you noted. Just imagine 200 miles of rough road and a saddlebag full of clothes and shoes .... not pretty at all.

              However, for baking or roasting this really isn't a problem. Air dry or use paper towels and enjoy your pan or pass it on - please don't put it in the trash and recycle it if you must.

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                Thanks for the information, I will keep them and just use paper towels. I do like the heft of the pans.