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Oct 20, 2013 09:14 AM

Pesach in California?

We're going to meet a big group of friends over Pesach, and the furthest we've gotten in planning is to say west coast-ish. Anyone have a handle on the locales with decent Pesach food option (ESP restaurant and take out - we don't want to have to cook if possible). Our experience is that everything in DC shuts down except catering, and some places in NYC close, some stay open.

Looking for recs of locales, as well as specific restaurants / prepared food places that usually stay open.


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  1. LA (La Brea & also Pico) always have options for carry out. It's a bit early for specific places to commit.

    1. I heard there's going to be a Pesach program out in the St. Regis in Laguna Beach - I bet there'll be some restaurant options in the hotel