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Oct 20, 2013 08:37 AM

Out of town visitors - Weekday lunch in DUMBO, Bklyn Heights

Looking for a restaurant that would be good/notable enough to take out of town guests to during a weekday lunch in DUMBO or Brooklyn Heights.

We plan on walking with them around the park / promenade hence the need to start in one of these areas.

Most restaurants I know of are either not open during weekday lunch or open, but not particularly good or notable.

One member of the party can't eat gluten so the pizza places by the park are also not ideal.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. Good/notable enough for a weekday lunch in that area? Queen comes to mind. If they like Japanese, Hibino is open for lunch. If its has reopened and you want to splurge, there is the River Cafe.

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    1. On Atlantic Ave, Chez Moi is open for lunch.

      Queen, although the food can be very good (but sometimes not), is a seriously underwhelming room and, at lunch, you may be competing with the politicos, etc that they make their living doting on.

      I agree that Hibino is a very good choice, although I'm not sure we can recommend it since its on the other side of Atlantic Ave and, therefore, not in the areas you've asked for :-)