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Oct 20, 2013 08:04 AM

Reno - Elements buffet at Grand Sierra Resort

Above link shows the prices which are quite moderate, IMO

Neither of us are buffet fans but we had a BOGO coupon so figured what the heck. It was really good, about 100X better than the nightmare we had at Harrah's a couple of years ago. Rare roast beef, perfectly cooked peel and eat shrimp, salad bar that was well outfitted, some great desserts (the flan was especially good). They had Mexican and Asian stands (maybe some others I missed). I tried a steamed dumpling just for an experiment and it was quite tasty. And the room is BEAUTIFUL. Divided into different spaces with gorgeous lighting, fireplace, everything. Service was superb. Highly recommend if you're looking for a buffet.

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  1. We were just up in Reno house hunting and we stayed at the Grand Sierra. I was happy to see that they have re-done the buffet area. We actually had the breakfast buffet and it was much better than I anticipated. Lots of really fresh choices and delicious baked goods.

    We are going to be in temporary housing through the holidays and my kids coming in from SoCal have the GSR buffet on their list.

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      Glad you liked it. We'd go back and that's high praise for us non-buffet types.

      I hope you got to try some other places or will once you get settled. Reno's suddenly got this rather cool downtown/river/midtown vibe.

      Best of luck on the move and job.